Amish Poly Lumber Furniture

Amish Poly Lumber Furniture
By Patricia Stephens

Consider poly lumber outdoor furniture if you've been looking for something different for your backyard this fall. Ours is Amish-made in the state of Indiana and is sturdy and eye-catching. An example is the pictured poly lumber gliders above.

Picture showing an information card about Tangent's process for making poly lumber

Interesting information about Tangent's process for making poly lumber

Tangent, a leading supplier of recycled plastic lumber, makes material for our Amish poly lumber furniture. They make it with recycled milk and water containers, which are washed, sterilized, and shredded. The shredded plastic is then melted down into pellets and the pellets are further melted down to form planks of poly. The resulting material is water-resistant and can withstand heat, cold, rain, or sleet.

packet of pea-sized poly pebbles used to make poly lumber

Tangent is the company that supplies the material for our Amish-made poly lumber outdoor furniture

Our Amish-made poly lumber outdoor furniture comes in various styles and color choices. Poly lumber doesn't need yearly painting, sanding, or sealing. It doesn't absorb water so it won't rot, mold, or mildew like other outdoor furniture. All the metal hardware is made of stainless steel or is treated to avoid rusting. This feature makes poly lumber low maintenance, long-lasting, and a great investment for your home.


A sample of available colors of poly lumber

A sample of available colors sure to make your backyard furniture stand out

sample of available colors for poly lumber that has textured surface like wood grain

Wood grain options are available for those that prefer a realistic wood grain look

In shopping for outdoor furniture, remember that our poly lumber furniture is made from recycled plastic and is environmentally friendly.  Using poly lumber reduces waste and helps prevent plastic from ending up in landfills.

poly lumber double glider

This double glider offers classy, but fun-looking outdoor furniture

All these benefits plus Amish craftsmanship will give you beautiful, stylish poly lumber outdoor furniture. Our poly lumber furniture ensures you have beautiful items for your backyard, balcony, or patio that will last a long time. Plus, you'll be helping the environment and buying locally.

Upholstered poly lumber glider with cushion seat and cushion back

Upholstered poly lumber furniture is durable yet classy

Oak For Less is a family-owned and operated furniture store in Mesa, AZ and is a proud distributor of Amish-made furniture. We also offer custom options for many of the pieces presented on our site. In addition, we provide many material options to ensure that you bring home a beautiful product that will fit your interior or exterior spaces. You can visit us at our store at 1660 S. Alma School Rd., #100, Mesa, Arizona, to learn more about Amish furniture and custom furniture pieces. Or you can call us at (480) 962-9930. We are always happy to answer your questions.