5 Tips for Revitalizing your Dining Space

We all have that one space in our house that becomes the dumping ground for any, and all things.  Or an area that slowly collects dust and cobwebs until company is heading into town.  Often the dining room becomes this wasteland that you once envisioned as an oasis for entertaining and nightly family dinners, but now it is just a hodgepodge of lonely furniture.

There are a few simple steps you can take to dramatically change the feel of the space, and not only make it a usable area, but a desired destination.

Find a Table You Love

It may seem simple, but if you just throw a table into the room and hope that it will come together you will be disappointed.  Define your style.  Pick a table that will be visually appealing and inviting for you and your family.


A few details can make a world of difference.  Try accent chairs or a bench.  Think outside of just the table and find an interesting corner curio or hanging wall display.


If you plan on spending a good amount of time in the space, you want to maximize comfort.  Find chairs that you won’t mind relaxing in on a nightly basis.

Fit the space

Make sure that the furniture you choose is appropriate for the amount of space that you have.  Maybe a traditional dining table isn’t the best choice.  Consider a tall table or even a breakfast nook.

Fit your needs

Really think about what you will be using the space for, and who will be using it.  Do you like to entertain?  Do you have a big family?  Do you prefer an intimate space?  Answering these questions beforehand can guide you to the perfect design.

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Next week we will explore organizational hacks using furniture, just in time for spring cleaning!