5 Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

We have talked a lot about color and how to incorporate that into your home and your style.  This can be achieved in subtle ways or with a dramatic effect.  But what happens if you find yourself with very little natural light?  Whether you are renting or are a homeowner, this is a common issue that residents are confronted with.

Too little light can cause a claustrophobic feeling, and if you add too many colors in an effort to brighten the area, sometimes the result is that the space feels even smaller.  Installing more windows is typically not the easiest or most economical solution, but don’t worry, there are many ways that you can enhance your home, even if you aren’t blessed with an abundance of light.

Tip #1: Utilize Mirrors

The use of reflective mirrors is a simple technique used to not only brighten a room, but to make it feel bigger.  Try placing a mirror directly across from a source of light if possible.  An oversized mirror with an ornate frame can be a statement piece, or consider finding an array of smaller vintage mirrors and stagger them on the wall.


Tip #2: Update the Paint

People often think that painting walls white will be boring, but it can actually be a crisp modern technique to brighten a space.  This is also a great backdrop to display your creative side and mix and match art and pictures.  If you have lots of wood trim or beams, try painting them white as well.  You will be surprised at the difference it makes.

Tip #3: Decorate with Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is often defined by its clean lines and this is a perfect compliment to a dark space.  Instead of oversized plush materials and furniture, opt for a more minimalistic approach.  By simplifying your furnishings, you will open up the space.


Tip #4: Incorporate Blonde Wood

Over the years a trend has emerged of using dark wood on floors and furnishings to create a more dramatic and modern feel.  But if you are cursed with a darker space, think about using a lighter wood to create a warm and light room.  There are plenty of ways to still maintain a modern look with this technique.  If you are installing wood flooring, consider a more golden tone, as well as with tables and chairs.

Tip #5: Choose a Light Area Rug

Perhaps existing dark wood floors are the culprit when it comes to casting a dark ambiance on your space.  Re-doing floors can be a huge undertaking.  Try adding a light area rug instead.  This can add warmth and comfort and make a dramatic difference in setting the tone of the space.


The amount of light that a space gets makes a huge difference in setting the mood and environment.  It is not always an easy fix to allow for additional natural light, but a few changes in color and décor can make your home feel bright and airy without having to embark on a huge home renovation.