A Few (More) of Our Favorite Things

It is the holiday season and if Oprah can keep talking about her favorite things, then so can we. Throughout the year items catch my eye that I dream about one day getting, but in the last few months of the year it seems that I am bombarded with things that I simply must have. Inevitably I am torn with buying these things for myself or sticking to my gift giving budget.

The good news is that there are so many amazing sales before and after Christmas. This helps to ease my purchasing guilt. So, if you are still searching for those perfect gifts to give, or are on to shopping for yourself, here are things that might be of interest to you. Of course we can’t stay away from the wood products, but we threw a couple décor ideas in as well.

Acacia Wedge Server


This beautiful server is a great way to showcase our favorite wood material. I love the rustic natural feel that can compliment any appetizer or main dish. And when it is not being used for food presentation it can be adorned with a lovely vase or candles. This is a great gift or an accent for your own holiday entertaining.

DIY Ukulele Kit


I love a unique gift, and this is certain to grab the attention of the recipient. This is perfect for music lovers, wood lovers, DIY lovers, and kids. The price is low and the creativity level high. And a little holiday entertainment is always a plus.

Tic Tac Toe Decorative Box


This is for all the game lovers out there. It is a great centerpiece for the coffee table or end table. It can be used as a decorative tray or as a game for you and your guests. The wood and brass are a great compliment to modern or rustic design.

Simply Amish Wine Bottle Holder


We love the craftsmanship of Amish made furniture and are proud to be partnered with Simply Amish to bring our customers great products. If you are looking for a simple unique gift at an affordable price, this wine holder is a great option. Shop through their amazing inventory for other great ideas for your family and for yourself.

With all of the holiday sales being thrown in your face for months, sometimes it can get overwhelming. We hope these ideas will help steer you in the right direction. And don’t worry if you decide to keep some of them for yourself, you deserve it!