Earth-Friendly Furniture

Poly furniture has been around a long time, but it has become more popular within recent years. Poly lumber products are made from Recycling Symbol green vinyl cut-out sticker 4.5": Automotivey polythylene and are in high demand because of its environmental benefits. Poly is made mostly  of everyday, recycled materials: milk, water, detergent, and shampoo bottles, grocery bags, cereal box liners, and pipes. Trash is literally a poly furniture makers treasure! 

Amish-made furniture has always been known for being beautiful and durable. Amish-made poly furniture is no different. The recycled materials used to make this type of furniture are washed, sterilized, and shredded. The shredded plastic is melted down into plastic pellets and the pellets are then melted down to form planks of poly.

Poly furniture makes an excellent choice for outdoor furniture because of its heavy duty and weather-resistant nature. This furniture comes in many styles and colors. It needs no painting, sanding, or sealing over its lifetime. It does not absorb water, so it is resistant to common outdoor furniture problems like rot, mold, and mildew. All metal hardware is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. This low maintenance, sturdy, and long-lasting furniture is what you need for your backyard.

Other appealing qualities of poly furniture include easy maintenance. Just simply use soap and water to clean your furniture. No harsh cleaners are needed. Poly furniture will last for many years.

Stop by the Oak for Less showroom to see the beautiful Amish-made poly pieces we have available. From individual glider, to side tables, to two person gliders, you can't go wrong furnishing your backyard paradise with these earth-friendly furniture options!