If you find it difficult to get your children to do homework, check out these cool ideas for a study space. Perhaps all you need to kick-start the study habits of your child is a change of landscape! A back-to-school homework room that is quiet for concentration, colorful to inspire and structured to decrease distractions will make homework time a joy for most children. You can create an awesome and affordable homework space for children regardless of the size of the space or room.

We’ve also incorporated many of these ideas that can be adapted for your child’s dorm room. Students at college use their rooms to study and relax. There is a need to organize dorm rooms to do both — no simple job in a tiny room. Typically, dorms are not renowned for their spacious nature. That's why it's so essential to make the most of the room with intelligent furnishings and organizational decisions. A few easy choices can create the distinction between a tight, chaotic room and one where after a day of courses they can breathe and relax.

Remember these five creative elements when planning a homework / study room:

  1. Color: Use wallpaper or paint the openings of a wall or shelf in a daring and vigorous color.
  2. Furniture: It is essential to have a desk with storage or a file cabinet and a cozy chair.
  3. Lighting: Make sure there is plenty of lighting for those important study sessions.
  4. Organization: Include plenty of organizational and storage alternatives such as racks, cork board, pegboard, cubbies, baskets and containers to keep the room looking clean.
  5. Personalization: Add some objects in the style of your child, such as monograms, a favorite color, or personal wall art.


Desks / Computer Table / Worktable

Depending on the amount of space available, Oak for Less has a wide variety of desk and surface space options to create a place for your child to set up their computer, study, as well as complete homework and projects. Our Traditional and Contemporary Writing Desks in sizes from 34 inches up to 70 inches offer you flexible options for this important space in any room. Some of our standout pieces are pictured here. Note: These also make great crafting spaces for mom!



Closet Space

Closet space, particularly in a shared space, is valuable. Make space-maximizing closet organization function for you with every square inch of the little clothes nook. Totally bare closets can take advantage of a complete closet kit with built-in shelves and shelving. You could also fill the bottom part with easy pull-out storage using a tiny wardrobe in the closet. Purchase multifunction hangers that hold more than one piece of clothing if a closet kit is not a feasible option. Another option if closet space is not available, is a rack (pictured) that not only provides additional storage, but also shows off your favorite items.


Vertical Storage / Bookcases

Walls may be prime real estate for posters and other wall decoration, but easy wall storage will add more to your tiny space than looks. Floating racks and cabinets are incredibly sturdy when correctly secured to your wall and can hold an amazing quantity of tastefully ordered books, framed pictures, and other dorm decoration.

In the corners of your room, there are even shelving choices that fit perfectly, allowing you to use space that would normally go to waste. Oak for Less has the perfect solution with its Traditional Oak Corner Bookcase – pictured here – with a variety of finish options.


An alternative choice is to use a large bookcase to give extra storage if you have accessible floor room. In fact, Oak for Less has a wide variety of bookcases from traditional to modern styles that will add the perfect touch of storage and style to any space. Be sure to check out our selection here.


Create a Useful Nightstand

The secret of making any room feel larger ensures that each piece of furniture serves various purposes. These beautiful trunks are both a storage unit and a nightstand!

Or if you prefer a traditional nightstand, Oak for Less has many options available from Mission to Contemporary styles with light to dark finishes. Your choice!



Use Dual-Purpose Furniture for Seating and Storage

Multifunctional furniture can open up opportunities for storage and organization that you never thought about. Beds such as the one shown below with built-in drawers below can completely eliminate the need for a dresser. We have many different options for you to choose from here.

Since many dorms are already fitted with a bed, a standalone piece of furniture such as a storage bench or ottoman can be your best bet. As always, Oak for Less offers multiple finishing options to fit your style and décor. These helpful seating choices come in many styles and can be positioned along an empty wall or at the foot of a bed. Lift the seat on the bench to show a spacious room that can fit your backpack, laptop, shoes, or anything else you want to maintain out of sight. In the event of visitors, the additional seating will also be useful.


We love our storage benches (in varying lengths and finishes) such as the pictured Short Bench with Storage Baskets that not only serve as extra seating in a small space but also are a great way to keep clutter out of sight.


Side Table – Accent Furniture that Does Double Duty

While most dorm rooms are equipped with a bed and dresser, side tables are not typically included. But without one, you'll miss a place to put your phone, drink, and other necessities. Pick up a couple of matching side tables to make the room look complete. These also can serve as additional storage space.


Another clever option is our pictured nesting tables which are a great way to conserve space if you do not need all three surfaces all the time.


Storage Bins and Baskets

A little creativity and a variety of storage options can assist you develop an appealing, functional place that would be appreciated by both children and adults. Half the battle when decorating a smaller space is to create space that not only looks good but can also store your possessions. Use easy storage solutions that can sit on flat surfaces, fit in bookshelves or cubbies, or slide under your bed, such as baskets and cabinets.


Both woven and rustic-looking wood alternatives can add accessibility as well as a stylish flair to any space. Metallic wire baskets are another storage option that keeps content visible and function perfectly for products you frequently use as a catch-all.

Display Everyday Items

Little decorative knick-knacks can have a large visual effect, but when space is limited you don’t want to clutter things up. Get a number of hooks to hold everyday stuff such as hats, coats and backpacks. Pegboard, shelving, storage bins and baskets are also creative storage options.

Get Ready for Back to School

Whether it's preschool or grad school. Timeless, high-quality items can last thru college years, first apartment and be handed down to children. Shop Oak for Less in Mesa, AZ or visit our website for your furniture and storage needs.