Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is a private space in your house (unless you have kids), and many homeowners or renters inherit bathrooms with strange layouts or limited amount of space. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make significant changes to a bathroom without a complete renovation.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with an undesirable space.

The following tips and techniques are ways to enhance your bathroom without breaking your budget so that you and your guests can enjoy the serenity that this room is intended for.


It is amazing what a difference a new color can make. Let’s face it, bathrooms get dingy.  Sometimes a refresh is just what you need to reclaim the clean and pristine feeling we need.  Light colors can create a soothing ambiance and can also make a small space feel less claustrophobic.  But don’t be afraid to make a statement with a bold color choice.  Luckily, bathrooms are typically smaller and will require less paint, so if you hate the color you can always change it later.


Over time the tile floors in the bathroom inevitably get a bit grimy no matter how much we clean them. Retiling the bathroom is certainly a project you can tackle on your own.  There are plenty of DIY tutorials available online that detail how to best do this.  But tile doesn’t always have to be used just on the floor and in the shower.  Using decorative tile on the wall can be a great technique to spice up the style of this small space.


Not all bathrooms are built with proper storage in mind, and unfortunately it is not always easy to simply install additional shelving. With limited wall space, and sometimes thin walls, it may be a challenge finding the right solution for your towel, soap, and knick knack display.  Consider creative free-standing shelves that can be moved and arranged as needed.


Older houses and apartments often have outdated lighting fixtures in the bathrooms. There are many options for upgrading your overhead or vanity fixtures.  Shopping at estate sales, second hand stores, or salvage yards can sometimes lead you to treasures.  But if hunting for rare finds doesn’t fit with your schedule, local hardware stores have plenty of affordable pieces.

When we think of house decorating and furnishings, the sacred bathroom is not always the first thing that pops into our mind.  But this is not a space to be forgotten and abandoned.  Explore textures, patterns, and colors when designing for this space.  Look for inspiration on design websites and try a more affordable DIY version.  A few simple changes can transform this space and make it everything you dreamed of.