Birch: A Versatile Blonde Beauty

As with any furniture trend, wood styles have their ebb and flow in popularity.  Yet, the lasting power of wood as a staple material for quality furniture can be attributed to the distinct beauty of the natural textures and colors as well as the withstanding durability of this substance.

We have been putting different types of wood under the magnifying glass in our weekly series on wood and its properties.  This week we look deeper into the qualities of birch wood.  It is easy to take for granted the furnishings that surround us, but it is important to know a little background to enable you to make a more informed decision when it comes to your purchases.  Our goal is to provide clear and concise answers to all of your wood questions and we hope this information is helpful for your research and shopping needs.

What does birch wood look like?

Birch wood is most commonly harvested in the northern U.S. and Canada but can also be abundant in colder climates in Europe and Russia.  It is typically identified by its lovely pale color and fine grain that evokes an elegant design with clean lines.  A popular technique is to finish the wood in a dark color for a fresh newer look.

How durable is birch wood?

Using birch wood for hardwood furniture is quite popular due to its strength and durability.  It is an affordable hardwood that is comparable to oak and walnut.  In fact, the strength and hardness of birch makes it difficult to work with using just hand tools.  Manufacturers that shape this wood using power and machine tools find success in producing a quality durable product.

What are some advantages of using birch wood for furniture?

As we mentioned, Birch wood can be extremely durable making it an excellent choice for furniture as well as cabinets.  It takes stain very evenly and the wood composure allows it to hold screws well.  It is an affordable material, and the blonde coloring makes it visually appealing.

What type of furniture utilizes birch wood?

Birch wood has a multitude of purposes and is commonly used for benches, tables, cabinets, chairs, bookcases, and much more. Oak for Less carries a wide array of Birch pieces.

You may be noticing that all wood is not the same.  The area it is sourced from, the way it is processed, and the qualities of the wood all affect the end product.  Birch wood is a great material for durability and style.  Next week we will bring you even more information on quality wood products.  See you then!

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