Christmas Gratitude

The day has finally come.  All the hard work, energy, money, and time spent, in anticipation of this holiday are now paying off.  Whether you are spending time with family and friends, or taking time for yourself, this time of year is always a great time to take a pause in your life and reflect on what you have.

It is so easy to get caught up in our busy lives, but as the year winds down, and we are about to leap into 2018, it can be a good practice to not just focus on the future, but look back at the past.  I always get overwhelmed with gratitude once the holidays are finally over and I realize how lucky I am. I certainly hope that you are able to feel the same.

On a lighter note, I also like to look back at some of the new (or old) things that have taken space in my life this past year.  Since furniture and design are topics that we talk about a lot, we would like to spend a little time there.  So, before we start the new year, we wanted to remember some great design trends that made an impact on us in 2017.


This fabric has made a major comeback this year, and not just in clothing.  Velvet furnishings can be an elegant and playful way to add depth and texture to your space.

Bright Colors

There has been a common misconception that sophisticated and refined style stems from stark colors and clean lines.  But we are oh so happy to find that bold colors can be embraced in a forward-thinking manner and still be elegant.

Blush Pink

We are still reeling in all of the colors, but a great medium between bold and neutral is pink.  It is amazing how it can soften and brighten a room at the same time.  We loved seeing it deliberately placed in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens.

Local Materials

This is a trend that we can really get behind.  Sustainability and socially conscious purchasing choices is something we have talked about often.  Not only is sourcing materials locally good for the environment, it boosts the local economy, a win/win.


This trend has come and gone quite a few times, but we are happy to see it having a resurrection right now.  There is something about brass that screams classy, and there is nothing wrong with a little bit of shine.

These are just a few concepts and design choices that have inspired us over the past year.  We are grateful to live in a time where bold choices are celebrated, and creativity abounds.  And of all the many things we are grateful for, we must not forget you, our readers that motivate us to keep searching for innovation and style.  We hope your holidays are as wonderful as you!