We've all been there at some stage or another; how to choose the finest colors of the paint, and how to use them to your benefit can be quite a riddle to solve. And since there should be no wall remaining in your home as a blank canvas, we're looking at trending 2019 interior paint colors to get you excited before the end of the summer season and into the Fall.

From which paint colors work best to paint color thoughts for accent walls, we bring you the 10 best colors to use for the year ahead and beyond. And we bet you will be amazed by how readily you can introduce them to your home. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh paint coat to re-energize a space.


Warm and inviting creamy shades of hazelnut paint colors will surely never go out of fashion or clash with current furniture as it makes a comfortable go-to of a hue. Take a quick survey from room to room to consider which spaces need to be brightened up and get more light for hazelnut color ideas in your home. Various shades of hazelnut make a space appear bigger than it is to bounce light off of.


While dove gray is one of the most classic paint colors in search of contemporary solutions to strong neutral color concepts, there is something slightly moodier about the injected lilac undertone choices for 2019. For one thing, adding lilac works to make gray hues hotter, gender neutral, and cheerful. Lately, varying shades of gray are on the trend and this is an option for a refreshing alternative that also turns out to be subtle enough not to tire easily.


Officially called 'Night Watch' and one of the top 2019 paint colors of Pantone, the hue is basically a new take on rich hunter green that hasn't looked so feasible in the interior design spotlight since its last moment in the 1990s. This profound green color trend can operate from silent to moody to emulate the impression of lush botanicals and nature's healing energy in your home while setting the tone with a powerful foundational hue.

This trend should be reserved for well-lit, big rooms for hunter and bottle green paint concepts because its intensity can overpower tiny spaces and make them look darker. But as always, consider what works with your lifestyle, taste, and design direction when considering bringing in the recent paint colors in your home as no paint color trend is worth sacrificing your own private aesthetics.

This color would complement our beautiful Amish made Hatfield Table and 6 Wood Seat Side Chairs in Solid Brown Maple found here.


Pastel shades in muted tones have a relaxing appeal that brings with them an understated atmosphere that is ideal for gender-neutral rooms and prevalent places such as kitchens and toilets as they do double duty and hide everyday nicks and scuff marks. Moreover, muted pastels provide a warm background for minimalist design.

We enjoy how the above kitchen combines the recent colors of paint with a drastic marble backsplash in complimentary tones that make it more enjoyable than a normal black and white kitchen. Go for comparable muted pastel paint designs if you're searching for the unexpected without having to commit to a bold color. You'll get tired of it in the long run and run the risk of getting comparable paint patterns as your friends and neighbors.


Evoke the spirit of the Arizona desert with zesty hues. Soft clay paint colors are excellent options to beiges and browns for those with wanderlust and an earthy spirit as they will give some sunny zest and casual elegance to any space. Think terra cotta, caramel, clove, and burnt sienna and orange colors that have more character than any neutral could ever have.

For this trend in interior design, we recommend going for the recent paint colors that boast extraordinary clay tones to make any space a feature in your home or go for an accent wall or backsplash and see how easily the room and your mood are elevated.

Colors in this family would showcase our wall units such as this Traditional Oak Wall System with 58" TV Stand that comes in a variety of finishes.


For the traditionalist with a casual attitude to interior design, charcoal blue, ice blue, gray-blue, and a very pale powder blue are excellent choices when searching for paint colors that are far from everyday yet subtle enough not to take over a space. There is no limit to the number of paths you can go with this exacting tone with an infinite quantity of alternative blue paint color concepts available.

Just make sure that any blue home colors you want stay soothing and avoid a heavy-handed shade that will make a room feel smaller, darker and stuck in a nautical warp of the 1980s. Generally speaking, when going for shades known to leave a powerful initial effect, tone it down with a more silent and subtle color palette to get the longest run from your choice.


For those looking for a pop of color and an alternative to gold, deep mustard is great for instantly creating rich focal accents and make for smart paint colors for accent walls and even trim. Do go for muted and moody mustard home interior colors to create provocative depth, and to highlight décor and art brilliantly as sometimes the best paint color ideas are applied in small doses.

Deep mustard is good for those who are looking for a pop of color and an alternative to gold to immediately create rich focal designs and smart colors for accent walls as well as trim. Go for muted, moody mustard indoor colors to generate provocative depth, and brilliantly highlight décor such as art.


A non-color of sorts, mist home interior colors may come from a blend of muted pastel blue and green with a gray and lilac undertone, but it’s far from an Easter egg hue. Instead, think of this color trend as a blank canvas for décor of all colors and styles as it’s a much more interesting starting point than standard beiges and whites, plus, like muted pastels, a misty hue will work to cover up blemishes with ease.


An update to the popular 70’s era mousy browns and rust paint colors, mushroom looks fresh again thanks to a newfound appreciation for everything natural yet moody. One of our favorite fashion and paint colors for 2019, shades of mushroom are also gender neutral, timeless in appeal, and unique enough to have guests taking note for their own homes. Plus, it looks great with our bedroom furniture.

Pictured above is the Amish made Cedar Lakes Solid Oak Bedroom Suite found here.


The ideal gray-beige and a wealthy alternative to all white walls, the colors of pewter paint provide an almost blank canvas that is nothing but bland. While it should have been a standard before being selected as one of the finest paint colors for 2019, this is not to be underestimated as a color trend. We suggest using pewter color ideas throughout your home as opposed to just one space as it’s one shade that works everywhere with everything.


Now that we’ve covered the best home interior paint colors, let’s take a look at some distinctive ways to use them.


Sometimes color can distract visually while making a space look smaller than it actually is. So, consider painting your ceiling as an option if you have a tiny room that is short on room-defining color. And you can always produce graphic patterns that will make your walls sing, particularly with stripes that lengthen and extend the room.


Painting and trimming your doors are excellent options versus painting all your walls with a color that you may be tired of too soon. Moreover, painted doors will create a distinctive accent in any home, hiding any normal wear and tear.


Create more depth and a feeling of drama with an accent wall that you can easily refresh as seasons and trends change.


You can make your room look bigger and your ceiling higher by creating contrasting sections on the bottom or top half of your walls.

Whatever your color choices, Oak for Less has the perfect furniture to fill your home and show off your beautiful paint and color choices.