Cozy Up to Winter

Let’s be honest, this time of year can be rough for many of us. The days are short, the temperatures are dipping. The holidays seem like they were ages ago, but Spring doesn’t seem to be anywhere near. Some people get down and out this time of year, and I admit that I have my moments, but I try and always look on the bright side. Since we spend a greater amount of our time indoors, it is the perfect time to focus on some interior updates.

Since many of us are in the throws of winter, this is a great time to cozy up to the fireplace. Do you have a fireplace that just isn’t that inviting? Is your living room area a little outdated? Are you looking for some fresh new ideas but feel overwhelmed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are here to help. The following ideas and examples will hopefully warm you up on these chilly January days.

Minimalist Elegance

Sometimes, simple is just better. We love this light and airy space with soft textures but hard lines. Incorporating the wood into the décor is a stylish and functional technique. This is how you embrace winter.

Classic Fireplace

There is just something about a white mantel. This is a perfect example of how to mix traditional elements with modern to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Adding a mirror above the fireplace really opens up the room and makes it feel bigger.

Neutralize It

Neutral colors are a great way to add warmth to your space. Mixing beige and grey with accents of color evokes a sophisticated style. We especially love the fireplace inlay and marble mantel, adding rich textures and patterns to the space.

A Taste of Winter

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, there are plenty of ways to add a cozy ambiance. Who doesn’t love hot cocoa? This is a fun and inviting way to decorate for the season while enjoying a nice warm beverage, great for kids and adults.

Wintertime doesn’t have to mean cold and dreary. There are plenty of ways to brighten up a space to add warmth and coziness. So, add a few more logs to the fire, and plop a few more marshmallows in the hot cocoa. We still have some winter days ahead of us, let’s enjoy them to the fullest!