Stepping away from the tech-obsessed trends in decoration that we saw dominate the design trends of 2018, 2019 is more about natural new products such as wood, greenery, and marble. These aspects, while reflecting the world around your home, will assist bring an organic and peaceful atmosphere to any place.

The capacity to calm the mind and refresh the body is to be out in nature. But if you're living in a metropolitan city or an area with extreme temperatures, you're not likely to spend enough time out in the forest or on the beach. For a life in short supply of natural landscape, follow our guide to adding natural components to your home or office.


Buying houseplants is one of the simplest ways to integrate nature into the home. Big, leafy, and green plants are wonderful accent pieces for any space, and smaller plants, like succulents, create excellent table additions.


Wood furniture pieces are an extremely efficient addition to a textured yet contemporary room. Solid oak parts in the living room and kitchen are particularly satisfactory.

We love the look of this Oak For Less Coffee Table - Solid Parota Live Edge Slab LARGE Cocktail Table - Clear Finish

Each slab coffee table is a slice from a massive branch of the Parota tree so each tabletop will have its own unique curves, so form and diameter are guaranteed to vary.  Natural imperfections, blemishes, and character cracks are present as well as color variations.  No two Parota tables will be identical.

Parota is a sustainable exotic hardwood from tropical zones in Central America and South America.  It is fast-growing and reaches heights of 100' with trunk widths up to 10 feet.  Its trunk and branches are enormous and are used in construction of beautiful solid-wood tree ring tables.

We also have a similar coffee table with a beautiful white finish - the Solid Parota Live Edge Slab SMALL Cocktail Table.


If you want to integrate some natural components around the house, consider skipping the normal abstract-expressionist parts and going for some natural pictures.

For example, monochrome animal photos are an excellent way to create a sleek yet natural aesthetic. Or one of our favorites is to have special photos from your travels blown up and framed or added to a collage to add both a personal touch as well as a fond memory.



As far as furniture goes to show off your personal style, coffee tables are often ignored. Save enough room for a few drinks and a charcuterie board, but don't be scared to add in a few tabletop ornaments, as this is the perfect location to integrate natural components in your home. 


Trying to integrate more sunlight is one way to offer your home a natural refreshment. If your curtains or drapes are a dark color or stronger material, valuable sunlight may be blocked. Include sheer white drapes for rooms that need a little more sun, which will give a modern finish to your room while allowing the sun to shine on.


Marble is one of our favorite decorative products, as it gives any room a contemporary yet natural look. Adding marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom is a wonderful way to add an elegant yet natural finish to almost any room in your home.


Despite its rustic texture, stone and rock can contribute to the decoration from rustic to modern, cottage to contemporary and traditional decoration. Stone is a natural, organic and eco-friendly presence that brings nature inside. There are colors and textures that suit almost any environment and decor while enabling you to stay true to your personal style.

In a rustic or country environment, rocks are more suitable, while stone works for most types of decor.



Consider decorating with big branches if you tend to forget to water your houseplants, but still want to integrate a few natural components. They are especially suitable for fall and winter seasons.



If you want some geological components to be incorporated without a significant marble remodel, attempt adding them to some geodes. They can be placed on a living room coffee table as decorative pieces, or they can be used as more functional objects like bookends on a shelf or paperweights on a desk.

Whatever your aesthetic, we feel confidant that you will find decorating inspiration from these 2019 decor trends.