Decorating Tips from the Experts

It is no secret that home décor and furniture is our happy place.  We encourage everyone to find things that bring happiness into their lives, and our hopes are that some of our pieces will make their way into your home to bring you balance, functionality, and delight.  We continuously research wood furniture in search of the highest quality products to bring to our customers, and as you have seen from our previous blog posts, we love to learn about the different types of wood and how they are used.

While we hope that we are a trusted resource for all your wood furniture needs, we don’t claim to know it all.  Part of what makes this industry so interesting are the many creators, publications, and online resources that make up this wonderful community.  That’s why we actively seek advice and inspiration from the experts in our field.  This could be interior designers, manufacturers, DIY aficionados, or anyone who has a love for design and décor.  We recently came across a few interesting articles and posts that we want to share with you.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 

Mixing Wood Tones in a Room – Ballard Designs

“An easy way to create impact is by using a larger piece of wood furniture, such as a coffee table or buffet, as your starting point and mixing in two to three contrasting wood tones around it. “

This blog post from Ballard Designs offers great advice on integrating wood furniture into a room without overwhelming the space with traditional wood pieces.  It gives pointers on designing with different floor types and creating a balance with different wood tones.

Using Wooden Furniture in Interior Design – Adorable Home

“If you do have a mixture of wooden furniture in your room make sure to keep it balanced.  Ground your space by keeping a good mix of tones throughout the room.”

This article is a great overview of the different aspects to consider when decorating your home with wood furniture.  Their tips on decorating for different room sizes are helpful, and they explain different ways to diversify your décor choices with wood types and color.

5 Secrets to Mixing Multiple Wood Finishes – Apartment Therapy

“While wood finishes don’t need to match, they should complement each other.  Look at the color bias of each wood to see if it is warm or cool, then make sure their undertones match, regardless of finish.”

Apartment Therapy is a great resource for practical advice that can be used in a variety of settings.  This article brings up excellent points about grain and finishes of wood.  There can be a large variation in the many wood types and knowing how to mix and match them can improve the aesthetic.

Color and Wood Tone:  How to Choose Colors That Go Together – Better Homes and Gardens

“Dark finishes, such as mahogany, walnut, or cherry, stand out in sharp relief against any light color, whether it’s a tint of green or blue or a hue from the sunny side of the color wheel.”

Better Homes and Gardens is our go-to for knowledgeable advice on anything home related and this post does a wonderful job of exploring the relationship of wood furniture with the many color choices of home décor and paint. We could relate to the advice on using contrast to showcase statement pieces.

We believe in community and we have been fortunate enough to find one that is full of talented and smart individuals that simply know their stuff.  And we want to share the wealth.  Hopefully you found some great ideas from these experts, we know we certainly did.