Design Trends for the Season

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with what is new, popular, and trendy. And often, as soon as an item or concept sweeps into the mainstream, it just as quickly sails off into the sunset of lost or abandoned ideas.  Then, years later, it might circle around and make its way back into the limelight as lost treasure.

Whew, what a whirlwind. It may be hard to stay on top of all the new and emerging trends.  Remember, the pieces you purchase and the design choices you make have the most value if they are important to you and bring joy and happiness to your home, no matter if they are “trending” or not.  That being said, if you would like to stay in the know of what is current, here are a few exciting things we found that are settling in for the Fall season.

Earth Tones

The concept of going green has certainly been on the rise, and while we completely support sustainable practices, what we are finding is more of the literal nature. While many opt for neutral or bright colors, this season we might be surprised by pops of rich green mixed in with browns and golds.

Graphic Patterns

Gone are the days of monochrome. Even accent walls aren’t quite quenching our hunger for versatility.  Make way for patterns.  Remember all those old houses with hideous wallpaper?  Well, it might be making a comeback, but with a modern twist.


According to HouseBeautiful, adding an element such as subway tiles to spaces like the kitchen, lends a classic clean feel that can be refreshing.  The simplistic and affordable material is versatile and can match an array of cabinetry and appliances.

Dark Wood

Over the last decade there has been a movement toward light and open spaces. We don’t think this particular trend will be going away anytime soon.  Don’t worry, galley kitchens will hopefully never make a comeback, but there is something to be said for dark tones.  Using materials such as darker wood on floors and walls can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

You don’t have to be an expert designer to appreciate the ebb and flow of this ever-changing industry. Some trends have lasting power while others we would prefer be forgotten in the history books.  Fall is already here so don’t ponder on your design choices for too long.  Just around the corner is a new season, and with it comes a new look.