Furniture Accessories

Much like the accessories of the fashion industry, furniture accessories express an individual’s unique personality and style. No matter where personal influences originate, homeowners have their own unique set of personality traits and preferences that spill over into their homes. Simply put, we’re drawn to furniture styles and accessories that match our personalities.

Personal expression is important, and we love being able to provide our customers with plenty of inspiration to use when decorating homes with statement pieces that beautifully complement their home decor.

Our Sedona Rustic Oak furniture and accessory collection invokes a sense of warmth, rugged strength and simplicity - all typical features of the rustic look. Pieces from this collection can be paired easily with more modern furniture accents to add personal flare. That’s why we’re excited to showcase some of our favorites from this collection.

Let’s begin with our Sedona Rustic Oak Back Bar Hutch and Server. This mirrored hutch features four small adjustable glass shelves and a festive yet classic wine glass rack. The lightly distressed rustic finish highlights its waterfall glass doors and pull-out shelves with ease.

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Our Sedona Rustic Oak CD Cabinet with Doors adds a spruced-up display of personality in common rooms or office areas. What shows off a person’s unique likes and dislikes more than their music collection? Its adjustable shelves provide more than ample space for displaying a personal music library for all to see.

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Don’t forget about that magazine collection, which is partly responsible for influencing stylish furniture and accessory tastes. Our Sedona Rustic Oak Magazine Table makes a great home for that coveted magazine collection. Unique in color and texture, it provides plenty of space for magazines and establishes a gorgeous accent to our Sedona Rustic CD Cabinet. Another beauty from our Sedona Rustic Oak collection, the Hall Tree with Mirror & Bench, provides additional storage for books and magazines. Its full mirror and stylish railroad spike style hooks are well-placed for adjusting hats, scarves and jackets as you come and go.

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Add some additional home style and flare with our Sedona Rustic Oak Rocker, which features a comfortable microfiber suede-like cushion back and seat. This rustic finish rocker is perfect for sitting by a warm fire or for rocking for relaxation. Our adorable Sedona Rustic Oak Sofa Mate Table makes for a nice add-on too! 

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Finally, what’s one place in the home that is almost always certain to be abundant with personal tastes? The kitchen of course! Our adorable and homey Sedona Rustic Oak Butcher Block Kitchen Island with Casters is one of our personal favorites from the Sedona collection. Its quaint yet adorable look showcases drawers and shelves (for recipe and canister storage), and its rolling casters make it easy to move from room to room.

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So, if you’re in the market to add some of your unique personality to your home décor and accessories, you need look no further than our beautiful Sedona Rustic Oak collection. No matter your personal style or what room in the house you’re looking to spruce up, we’ll help you pick the right look for your home and your personality.