Furniture TLC

By now everyone has probably heard of the term selfcare.  It means taking time to dedicate to your wellbeing and happiness.  This can be accomplished by treating yourself kindly and paying attention to your health and care.  This same concept can be applied to our furniture.  If we want our furniture to last and retain its beauty we must take special care of it.

All furniture experiences some wear and tear over time, so what are some ways that we can preserve it? Certain furniture pieces are works of art and are meant to be looked at and admired, but most of us purchase furniture for functionality, therefore we want durable products that can withstand the every day elements of our homes.  For this reason, we want to offer you practical cleaning and care advice that is not only inexpensive but is easy to fit into our daily routines and guaranteed to improve the longevity of our furniture.

The Art of Dusting

This may seem like a no brainer to some, but it is extremely important to dust frequently.  This will avoid any buildup that can collect and dull the beautiful finishes of your furniture.  But before you grab the first feather duster that you see, stop and consider a different method.  We repeat, do not use a feather duster if possible.  The quills can be abrasive, and the dust simply gets swirled around and resettles once more on your belongings.  Instead, we recommend using a clean washable soft cotton fabric with no hard edges or adornments.  Just a few drops of water to dampen and you are good to go.

Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

There is an overabundance of cleaning products available to boast sparkly shiny furniture, but we deem most of these chemicals unnecessary.  Not only can it be harmful to your furniture, but the smells and chemicals can be strong for you to breathe in also.  As we mentioned, most dust, grime, or spills can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little water, but if you are in need of something a little stronger, make sure to test a small area first.  Paste wax is a great option for a finishing material and for furniture care.  It can provide shine and protection and doesn’t have to be used often.

Shield from Overexposure

The best way you can care for your furniture is to be proactive.  Even though your wood furniture is strong and durable it is still vulnerable to the elements.  Make sure that it is not placed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  The sun can damage not only the finish but the wood as well causing discolorations and cracking that are difficult to repair.  Another element to beware of is extreme temperatures and humidity.  Warping and swelling can occur in high humid environments, and cracking and splitting is often a result of dry heat.

Move Carefully

Our best advice is to proceed with caution.  Whether you are moving to a new house or are simply rearranging furniture, take care when transporting your furniture pieces.  Try not to slide furniture when moving.  This can damage the floor as well as apply unnatural pressure to the furniture joints.  Always recruit a helper to protect your furniture and yourself.

Our possessions are important.  You have worked hard to collect furniture pieces that mean something to you, therefore it is essential to protect them as best you can.  No need to be overly cautious, you chose wood that is strong and durable.  But by following a few simple care routines, you can enjoy your wood furniture to its fullest for years to come.