Happy New Year!

We hope everyone is ready to start a new year, we know we are! If you’re like a lot of people, staying at home more means looking at the same rooms and decor day in and day out. It may have made you realize that you’re ready to make a design change. There are exciting new color and furniture trends on the horizon for 2021 that can transform your home into the cozy space you’ve always dreamed of.

According to a Modsy Trend Report, traditional and comforting decor will be a trend to look for this year. Experts say this may be because people are staying at home more and want to add comfort to their space, making it more inviting. Simple, rounded furniture pieces can accomplish this look. This type of furniture lends itself to curling up on a comfortable sofa or armchair to read a book or watch a movie.

Another trend on the horizon is color. Neutral wall colors are out, colorful walls are in. Experts believe that people want to add bold color to their walls to add some cheerfulness to their lives, since the last year was a pretty bleak one. Designers caution to avoid intense colors in bedrooms and offices, as it may affect your ability to sleep or work. 

Lighter woods are expected to replace medium and darker shades of wood in 2021. Light wood can make a room look and feel bigger, and this shade is also very easy to design around and incorporate with current furniture. A great example of a light wood piece is our beautiful Shaker Oak Bookcase with Full Doors.

Never thought your grandma’s decor would come back in style? Think again! A new and unique decorating trend that is catching the eye of designers is the grandmillennial style. This style combines modern design with classical design, whimsical patterns, and timeless decor - something you might remember seeing at your grandparent’s house growing up.

Antique furniture, flowered wallpaper, and ruffles all provide us with nostalgic feelings during a time when a lot of people are seeking tradition and comfort. Not only is this type of decor appealing and comforting, but it’s also super affordable. Our rustic Venice Console features a unique pattern on the mirrored doors and would look great as a part of your grandmillenial designed room. 

Let Oak for Less ® help turn your home decor from boring to bold! Visit us online or in store to find the right furniture for you.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!






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