Hickory for strong, beautiful furniture

Hickory for strong, beautiful furniture
By Patricia Stephens

There have been several poems written about the nut-bearing hickory tree. According to ancient folklore, the hard hickory wood symbolizes how we hold onto parts of our lives that aren't working. Further, once we release what is holding us back, we are able to fully enjoy our lives.

Pictured is an Amish made rustic hickory entertainment wall unit

Amish-made hickory furniture in your home commands the attention of guests because of its unique colors. It is a hardy wood commonly used for furniture pieces, such as the selections shown on this page.

Pictured is a rustic hickory bedroom set with panel bed and matching nightstand, 6 drawer chest, cedar chest, and 9 drawer dresser with mirror

Hickory is strong, durable, and used to make handles for tools such as hammers, axes, and shovels. It's versatile and found in floorings, and sporting goods, like hockey and lacrosse sticks, and golf club shafts. Giving food a unique flavor, hickory wood is also used for smoking and grilling meats.

Hickory furniture is easy to maintain. It's very resilient, hard to scratch, and less expensive than other exotic woods, like mahogany. According to Hardwood Distributors, cited below, "there's no match for its durability." On the Janka scale - which measures the relative hardness of woods - hickory comes in at 1820, about 41% harder than red oak.

Pictured is a rustic hickory dining set of a round table with 4 chairs.

Hickory is the second hardest hardwood species in North America. If hickory wood was good enough for the Wrights brothers' "flying contraption" and the wagon wheels of pioneers heading west, furniture made from it will last for decades in your home.

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