Ideas to Brighten a Room

February is a short month, but sometimes it seems like the longest month of the year. The holidays are far behind us, but springtime just doesn’t seem to be getting closer. The weather can be quite dreary and unless you are fortunate enough to be able to vacation during the winter, those summer plans seem an eternity away.

It isn’t the weather that gets me down in the winter months, it is the short days. I crave the sunlight and yearn for those long summer days that seem to stretch on forever. And since we spend so much time indoors during this time, it is even harder if your home is a bit on the dark side. But there are some simple things you can do to drastically change the atmosphere of your space. Let’s take a look at the bright side!

Large Mirrors

An oversized mirror is the perfect accessory for a small or dark space. If it is placed on a wall opposite from a window, it can reflect some of the beautiful natural light. Mirrors also have the illusion of creating more space, therefore if you have a small room that seems claustrophobic, they can make it feel bigger than it is.

Curtain Exchange

If you have large windows in your house, this could be a blessing or a curse, especially in the bedroom. We like to add curtains to our windows for aesthetic purposes as well as functional. Sometimes it is essential for better sleep habits. But heavy, dark curtains can really cast a dark ambiance on a room. Try changing them out for light, or even sheer curtains for a lighter feel.

Creative Lighting

Creating optimal light in a room involves much more than just buying a lamp. If you find yourself short on windows but really want to brighten a space, try different types of lighting. Don’t rely just on an overhead fixture but find a light that will compliment your style. Try different heights for your lamps and you will create a warm and light space.

Repaint the Space

Before changing all of your furniture and décor in an attempt to brighten a room, try changing up the paint color. Although this can be labor intensive, it can also be an affordable option compared to buying new furniture, art, or tearing down a wall. It doesn’t have to be white to be bright, consider a light blue or grey color.

Whether you are redecorating a space, or designing a new one, light is always a factor. There are lots of studies about how light can affect mood, and even if you like a dark and cozy space, there are some key techniques to bring light into a room that can dramatically change the feel. Find what style suits you best, and as always, don’t be afraid to get creative!