Looking Back: Retro Furniture

We talk a lot about this time of year being for a fresh start and with the official first day of spring behind us, most of us are ready to jump into it.  But mother nature has a mind of her own.  Many areas of the country thought they were in for a smooth transition into warmer weather, but instead got hit by a blast of cold air mixed with rain, snow, sleet and hail.

This trend of one step forward, two steps back can apply to many areas of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be a negative concept.  I like to look at it as a way of moving forward while honoring our past.  When it comes to furniture, I love the emergence of the modern aesthetic with clean lines.  But while many people think modern means new, it actually derives from past trends in many cases. 

Think about mid-century modern.  It is making a huge come back and has been for a while.  This is the perfect instance of old becoming new and relevant again.  So, today we would like to feature some beautiful pieces of retro furniture that fit right into today’s landscape of eclectic taste and décor.

Playing with Colors

One of the great things about retro pieces is that they aren’t afraid of bold colors.  Mixing patterns is celebrated.  Finding a bright colored couch and mixing with textured throw pillows and a patterned rug can make a statement without being over the top.


Dine in Style

Do you feel nostalgia when you think about old diners?  You can bring that vintage feel right into your home without being tacky.  This is a playful way to blend old with new.  Search second hand stores and yard sales for dining furniture that will mix well with a modern kitchen to add that diner style that you remember.



 Sometimes it is all in the details.  If you are interested in delving into the retro style of the 50’s and 60’s, but you don’t want to do a complete overhaul of your space, try focusing on a few elements that can tie this aesthetic in.  A simple side table with special vintage finds can be an interesting compliment to the décor.


Earth Tones

We see lots of decorating themes fall into two categories – bright and vibrant, or muted undertones.  But this leaves out a style that is severely underappreciated – the rich earthy palette.  Forest greens mixed with hues of brown and gold add depth and sophistication.  It can be simple but bold at the same time.


Our culture loves to be innovative and look toward the future, but we should always cherish the past.  While there are many styles and trends that deserve to be forgotten, when it comes to modern design, there is beautiful way to blend retro with new to create a warm and functional space.