March Makeovers: Outdoor Transformations

March Madness can signify many different meanings.  Some may think this only refers to basketball tournaments.  For us, this time period is the start of a new season brimming with opportunities

No matter if you rent or own, live an urban lifestyle or enjoy country living, reside in a tiny apartment or ramble around a sprawling mansion, there are always things to be done around the house.  This could simply mean spring cleaning, or this could mean a complete gut and renovation of a room or entire floor.

And while the home project to-do list may be growing, there is one space that may start to see a lot more action in the near future.  As the temperatures start to rise, you may be finding yourself longing for the great outdoors.  Sometimes you don’t have to look too far.  The following amazing transformations took place right in these homeowner’s backyards. We hope you find some inspiration from their hard work.

10 Total Backyard Transformations

These projects are for the dreamers, and I always say dream big.  I love the amazing before and after pictures.  It goes to show that no matter what condition your backyard is in, there is hope.

12 Budget-Friendly Backyards

Many people may be intimidated at the prospect of undertaking a house project, and this can often be attributed to the hefty price tag that comes with it.  But not every project has to break the bank.  One option is to try a DIY project.  Sometimes it can be as simple as adding some vintage chairs to the space.

17 Stunning Decks To Inspire Your Backyard Transformation

A key element to enhancing a backyard can often be creating a great space for relaxation and entertaining.  This can be accomplished with a well-designed deck.  Outdoor dining can be perfect for weekend brunches or evening dinners, and can increase the amount of living space you have.

Warmer weather and longer days bring on a plethora of ideas for how to truly enjoy the season.  We love enjoying outdoor spaces.  If you have a space that could use an update for style and functionality, these makeover projects might give you the motivation to make that plunge.  Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy!