Outdoor Furniture Concepts

Summer may be winding down but it is not over yet. Depending on where you live, some outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year round, and with changing weather patterns you never know when a stray warm weather day may surprise you in the dead of winter.  But one thing is always certain, when those nice days hit, whether in Spring or Winter, having an outdoor space to enjoy them is critical to maximizing enjoyment.

There are endless opportunities to spruce up outdoor areas no matter if you have just a small porch or acres of land at your fingertips. But perhaps the most important factor is comfortable outdoor furniture.  This can come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are inviting, some are stylish, and some may strike you as rather strange.  Take a moment to explore the possibilities and see if any of these designs catch your eye.

Lover’s Paradise

If you have a special someone in your life that you want to relax with and enjoy the fresh air, find a cozy nook for this double seat. Kick up your feet and enjoy some refreshments and finger food.


Dining Al Fresco

Cooler weather can often be the perfect time to enjoy a dinner outside. If you have deck space, this can be a perfect way to wrap up your day.  Getting creative with shade can be essential.


Garden Envy

If you have a green thumb, try integrating some cozy seating into the fresh greenery. Mixing in pops of color with flowers and pillows can create a beautiful landscape for relaxing or entertaining.


Star Gazing

You don’t always have to spend your entire paycheck on furniture for your outdoor space. Sometimes just a few cushions and blankets will do the trick.  On those nice clear evenings, stretch out and enjoy the night sky.


Suspended in Air

Who says all seating has to be on the ground? It can be liberating to float in these magical nests.  You might just get a different perspective and a little bit of a view, if you don’t mind climbing a little.


Purchasing outdoor furniture can be daunting. Quality furniture usually comes with a high price tag, but sometimes thinking out of the box can be the way to go.  Always remember to look for used pieces online or at yard sales and thrift stores.  Lots of places are clearing out their inventory at the end of the summer and you might just find a steal.