September Spotlight: Mindi Wood

One of the most special characteristics of wood is that it is a worldly material.  Wood can be found in its natural habitat in all regions of the world and people of all generations use it for a multitude of purposes, both historically and currently.  This is what makes it such a unique and exciting element.

We have immersed ourselves in the quest to find products that are of the highest quality and prove to be durable over time, but what we really love is a product that has a story.  We fill our inventory with items, manufacturers, and designs that we believe in.  That is why this month we would like to introduce you to Mindi wood. We think that our Sedona Rustic Bedroom Furniture will be of particular interest to you.  Before revealing the beauty of this collection let’s take a closer look at the story behind this magnificent wood.

Where does Mindi wood come from?

Mindi wood was given its name by Indonesians as it is grown throughout the plantations in this area.  But Mindi wood is not indigenous to Indonesia.  It was brought to the region by the Dutch in the last century.  Its scientific name is Melia Azederach and is part of the mahogany family (Meliacae).  The species is native to Southeast Asia and Australia, but it is also cultivated across Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

What is Mindi wood used for?

Mindi wood is primarily grown for furniture production.  The wood that is produced from these trees is a superior quality with beautiful veins that produce an exquisite result in processing and construction.  Mindi wood is considered to be a dense wood bringing a sturdy and stable quality to the furniture pieces.  The grain is highlighted by stain and varnish and it is conducive to veneering.  It is also widely used for flooring, light construction, and paneling.

Why is Mindi wood ideal for furniture construction?

Besides the beautiful appearance of Mindi wood and the grain, it is also resistant to fungal infections and the timber is a natural termite repellant. Mindi wood planks hold their form well in the seasoning, or kiln drying process with little shrinking or warping.

What Mindi wood furniture does Oak for Less have available for purchase?

As we previously mentioned, our Sedona Rustic Bedroom Furniture is one of our favorite collections, and it just so happens that it incorporates Mindi wood in its durable construction.  Here you will find lovely pieces for your bedroom whether you are looking for a bed frame and storage, dressers, or side tables.  These are available to be purchased as an entire collection or just as individual pieces.



Our goal at Oak for Less is to educate our customers on the intricacies of wood and how it is used to produce sturdy and durable pieces that can last you a lifetime.  This is certainly accomplished with the unique pieces we offer constructed from Mindi wood.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!