Simple Ways to Use Color

This time of year brings a flurry of color inspiration into our lives.  The grass is greener, the flowers and leaves start to emerge, and our senses go into overhaul.  Although I love clean lines and a modern aesthetic when it comes to interior design, I am certainly not afraid of color.  In fact, my favorite technique is to incorporate a pop of color into an otherwise neutral palette.

Sometimes this can be hard to visualize.  What are the best colors to use?  How can you add it in without evoking shock?  How can this be achieved on a budget?  These are all great questions.  It is easy to go overboard with color.  The trick is to start small and start simple.  The following ideas are ways that you can add some color into your life without upsetting your neighbors or your family.

The Front Door

We are often limited in what we can change on the exterior of our houses without driving up a hefty price tag, but a really simple and affordable way to spice up your curb appeal is to paint the front door.  No one says you have to keep a boring white entryway (unless your HOA says that).  You also don’t have to go with red. I am loving the unique pastels that people are choosing.  It makes a statement while maintaining a warm welcome.

An Accent Wall

Another way to make a statement without committing to a huge time-consuming project is with a chosen accent wall in your home. If you want to change things up a bit but aren’t ready to completely redo your interiors this is a perfect example of a little bit going a long way.  Make sure to evaluate your natural light before going too dark, and don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns.

Table Settings

If house projects don’t fit into your schedule or budget at the moment, incorporating color into unexpected places in your home can make a big difference.  Try decorating with a new table setting in your dining room. This is also an area that you can get really creative.  Search home stores or second-hand stores for unique items that will add color and texture.


Painting can be a huge undertaking when you are contemplating changing up your color scheme.  An alternative technique to refresh the space without the manual labor is to consider replacing your drapery with a fresh new color or pattern.  This is a simple way to make a drastic difference.  Traditional tones are now being replaced with bold colors and patterns.  If you are really feeling adventurous you can pick out your own fabric and attempt to construct on your own.

Most of us have a style that we trend toward.  For some, it is traditional and neutral, and for others it is bright and vibrant.  But I don’t think it is always so cut and dried.  There are plenty of ways to blend different aesthetics and styles.  By trying a few simple techniques to bring color into your life and home, you may be surprised by the effect it has on you.