Spring Forward

The days are ever so slightly getting longer, and you can start to feel a shift in the seasons.  Whereas Winter is a time of reflection for me, Spring signifies a burst of energy and a creative flare.  When I channel this into house projects, I can feel the excitement growing for the budding season.

In the dreary and drab first couple months of the year, I usually take a respite from any big purchases or projects.  But as February speeds by I have a glimpse into what’s to come.  A big turning point for me is President’s Day.  Why you may ask?

First of all (and perhaps most importantly) …sales!  I am a sucker for a good sale, and this is the perfect way to kick off the rejuvenating season.  Adding a little freshness to the home can make a big difference aesthetically and for your comfort and emotional well-being.  You don’t have to completely refurnish your home, but if you are looking for a little change, now is a great time to be on the lookout.  Below you will find a few items that I like to keep my eye out for during Spring sale season.


During the winter months I spend a disproportionate amount of time lounging on the couch.  And I cherish this time of relaxation and recharging, but it does take its wear and tear on the furnishings.  Obviously, I do not buy a new couch every time that Spring rolls around, but when the time comes to upgrade, now is when amazing deals start to jump out at me.


Dining Tables

I typically look for used tables that I can spruce up at yard sales, estate sales, or thrift stores, but if you are tired of your dining furniture and aren’t feeling particularly crafty, you just might find something that screams your name at a discounted price.  Maybe you want to add some color or upgrade to something more modern.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and daring.


Coffee Tables

I often don’t realize how ill fitting my coffee table is in my living room until I have replaced it with something smaller.  I always loved big chunky tables, but recently have opted for sleeker designs that emphasize function over size.  Ottomans are always great for storage, and stackable tables (or nesting tables) are great for versatility.



Sometimes the easiest way to change up your home is not in the furniture department, but on the design and décor side.  It is amazing what a difference new curtains, wall coverings, or even just a few throw pillows can make.  This Spring I expect to see a lot of vibrant colors and patterns.  I typically have a style or vision in my head before shopping, but when the sales start, sometimes I just see where they take me.


Spring is often associated with a rebirth.  In nature this means that flowers, and leaves, and green, start to emerge.  But this can also be a great time to give your home a dusting off and a little makeover.  You can go as big or as small as your budget and desire leads you, but don’t miss out on the great sales that are popping up.