Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

You know that feeling. After being stuck inside for most of the winter, finally spring rolls around and you get the itch to reorganize, rearrange, and redecorate. You want to clean up and clean out everything: closets, the garage, the yard, the junk drawer. You name it. If you're ready to spruce up your home for spring, we have some tips that might help. 


One of the easiest ways to brighten any room is to add some fresh flowers. Whether you have a green thumb and pick flowers straight from your garden or pick out flowers from your favorite local florist, you can't go wrong. Beautiful flowers look great in any room. Jazz up your kitchen table, light up your bedroom, or add some pizzazz to your home office with a vase full of dazzling blooms. 

Picture of a colorful field of tulips and daffodils.


Another easy way to update your home is to add bright and cheery colors. You can do this by adding a colorful accent wall, furniture, or something as simple as vivid accent pillows. Feeling adventurous? Try painting your kitchen cabinets to freshen up a look you've become accustomed to for years. A light grey, white, or even bold colors, like navy or green, can transform the look of an entire room.

Picture of a living room in bright colors featuring an upholstered sofa with throw pillows, round coffee table, and framed wall art.

Picture of a kitchen with blue cabinets and white sink and white countertops.


There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, curling up by the fire, and reading a good book or watching a movie. When the seasons change and it starts to get warmer outside, swapping out that heavy sherpa blanket for a neutral cotton or linen one can not only feel better, but it can lighten up the look of your room too. Switching out bedroom comforters and pillows for lighter options can also make your room feel bigger and brighter. 

2 Pictures - one of a bed with an upholstered headboard and many decorative pillows - the other picture of a living room in grey and white colors featuring an upholstered sofa with throw pillows, rectangular coffee table, geometric patterned rug, plants, and wall art.


Sometimes we get so focused on updating the inside of our home, that we forget about the outside. Changing out a welcome mat or door wreath are subtle and inexpensive changes, yet you'll be amazed at how it can transform the front of your home and add curb appeal. Want to spend more time on your deck or patio but are sick of looking at the same set up? Rearrange outdoor furniture, add some throw pillows, get a new rug, or add a colorful chair. Give yourself an outdoor space that you can enjoy everyday, not just when you have guests over for your next gathering. 

Picture of an outdoor patio featuring 4 upholstered chairs with back pillows and a round coffee table.

You'll be surprised at how making minor changes in your home can make a big difference. Most of these ideas are super easy and inexpensive, so what are you waiting for? Happy Spring!