Stunning Summer Style

I have always envied people that seamlessly transition their homes from season to season, redecorating and updating their spaces to reflect current trends and seasonal designs.  I find myself challenged to find the time to plan out my summer before it is over, much less change my interior to match the fleeting seasons.

But I try to find small ways that I can rejuvenate my décor to brighten up my home throughout the year.  For me, this starts with finding inspiration.  There are few times in life that it is OK to copy other people, and I am always an advocate of making things your own, but design and décor are areas that it is acceptable to emulate others.

Therefore, we bring you some beautiful home designs that capture the true sense of summer.  Some capture pure beautiful light, while others provide a whimsical colorful atmosphere.  I like to find certain elements that I like and integrate them with a twist of my own.

Smooth Pastels

I have always been a fan of accent walls as a means to spice up and add depth to a monotone space, but I am loving the bold ways that people are finding to incorporate color into their homes.  These “ice cream colors” can be matched with shapes, patterns and textures for a sophisticated yet playful environment.

Relaxing Neutral

If bold colors aren’t your style, a classic and timeless design choice can be to mix neutral colors and wood accents.  For a summer feel, add unique driftwood pieces or distressed frames and mirrors.  The crisp white is the perfect compliment to the lighter tones and patterns, and the feeling of summer warmth embraces you in this space.

Patterned Pleasure

The juxtaposition of patterns and stark white is a design trend that we can always stand behind.  This “buffalo check” pattern screams summer to us.  I am instantly transported to the thick of summer, lounging in this intimate space with a good book, basking in the evening light.  The smart storage and playful light fixture are welcome touches.

Resort Living

 Many people head to the coast for summer vacations, but not everyone has the luxury of staying in a lavish resort.  Why not create a space in your own home that exudes a resort-like atmosphere?  This can be accomplished with bright colors, bold greenery, oversized mirrors, and interesting furniture.  If you have a small porch or patio, this is great opportunity without completely changing the landscape of your living room.

Summer is a time for relaxation, but also adventure. There is no reason that your home can’t reflect these same feelings with a smart design and a few simple changes.  Whether you want to completely redecorate your home or just add a fun space for the season, these ideas will hopefully bring you the inspiration to get started…before summer ends.