Summer DIY Projects

As the pools start to open and the kids get ready to venture out into summer break, it is time to start making plans.  Inevitably, in the blink of an eye summer flies by and we are left wondering where the time went and how we never quite accomplished all of those great ideas we had before travel plans, camps, and summer events got in the way.

So, today we want to help you get a jump start on your summertime goals.  Although this season is often the busiest, it is also a great time to tackle some house projects that you have been itching to cross off your list.  The following DIY home projects span a wide range of complexity.  Some may seem quirky while others may seem brilliant.  Remember that ambition is a wonderful thing…unless you get in over your head.  Make sure to pick projects that match your availability and skill level.

Outdoor Hose Rug

This is a great way to recycle old items in a unique way.  If you have an outdoor area that you would like to spruce up, get creative by making use of things you already have.

Create a Fire Pit

Longer days means more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  What better way to do this than cozying up with family and friends around a fire pit you made with your own two hands.  You may be surprised by the simplicity of this project.

Brighten Up the Trim

House trim is traditionally white, but no one says it has to be.  A great way to add character and personality to a space is to mix it up with color choices.  Be bold, you can always change it later.

Outdoor Décor

Since we spend so much time outdoors during the summer, it can be fun to decorate with seasonal items.  Wreaths are often associated with winter, but there are some creative ways to incorporate them into your landscape.

Sometimes summertime can be overwhelming and packing everything into a few short months seems impossible.  If you enjoy house projects but just can’t seem to find the time to do them, try these simple DIY ideas that can be completed in a weekend.  Summer should be fun and full of things that make you happy, and where better to start than at home?