Surprise Designs

Surprise Designs

Every decade has a signature design aesthetic that defines the time period. Often, this unique look is recycled and replicated from trends of the past with a twist of modern.

It is easy to immerse yourself in the current designs that are displayed in posh magazines and home décor sites, but sometimes a break from the “normal” can be refreshing. Buzz words like “open concept” and “mid-century modern”, are interesting, but have you considered breaking the mold and thinking outside of the box?

The following design concepts may catch you by surprise, and may even inspire you to try something a little bit different when it comes to your home.


The traditional brick and mortar home design is a thing of the past. With a significant trend toward a more minimalist lifestyle and tiny home living, there is a shift in the way we conceptualize our homes.  Many houses can be built with extreme functionality in mind, but still have the comforts that we associate with “home”.  If you are thinking about moving or building your home, maybe a smaller, personalized space will work for you. Keep in mind that this type of dwelling is certainly not for everyone, and make sure to really do your research before taking the plunge.


Whether you have a large amount of space in your home, or limited space, it is fun to get creative with the layout. Non-traditional shelving can be both functional and a focal point in your design.  Playing with different types of storage can maximize a cohesive flow.  And mixing in patterns, textures, and colors can provide a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests.  Consider whether comfort and functionality are important to you, or if an interesting design is your ultimate goal. 

Outdoor Space

If you are lucky enough to have a great outdoor area, the possibilities are endless. To expand on your living area you can play around with bringing the indoors outdoors.  Utilizing reclaimed wood, doors, and windows can be an affordable option if you are feeling creative and handy.  Porches and sheds can be transformed to comfortable spaces for reading, lounging, or entertaining.

If you own your home, or even if you just rent, there are always ways to spruce up the space and add a personal touch. Some techniques can be more dramatic than others, but it is always nice to challenge yourself to think differently.  You may surprise yourself by the creative ideas that emerge.