The warm beauty of Amish made hickory furniture

As we present a sampling of our beautiful Amish-made hickory furniture, it's helpful to know a bit about the wood itself. The word "hickory" comes from Native Americans. Its genus name, "Carya," is Ancient Greek and means "nut." Carya is in the walnut family. Several North American varieties of hickory include scrub, pignut, smoothbark, swamp, shagbark, nutmeg, bitter water, red, spicebark, Carolina, sand, black, mockernut, and more.


Hickory Dining Room Table and Seating

Hickory wood is hard, stiff, dense, and shock-resistant. Its uses are multiple and include everyday items such as tool handles, wheel spokes, drumsticks, baseball bats, and flooring. Hickory was even used to build early aircraft. In addition, it is a dense wood and offers efficient fuel when used in wood-burning stoves. It's also popular for smoking cured meats and frequently used for barbecues.

Rustic Hickory Bedroom Suite

Furniture builders from Amish communities in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois choose hickory for their timeless designs because of its beauty and durability. Styles include rustic, mission, and modern.

Hickory Panel Bed


If you like a rustic, home-spun look with fewer decorations than other styles, you'll love how hickory wood allows light to showcase the beauty of furniture pieces.

Hickory Rocking Chair and Side Table


Mission-style furniture made from hickory wood offers a modern, cleaner look reflective of the influence of the American Southwest. It has few decorative details, relying on the beauty of the craftsmanship.

Hickory Bedroom Furniture Pieces


Amish furniture makers are versatile, and as one builder put it, "We can make an old piece look modern and then flip it and make a modern piece look old. The two biggest factors on how to make a piece look old or new is the type of wood and color it is made of."

Hickory Bedroom Suite

Unlike most mass-produced furniture companies, Amish furniture makers do not use an assembly line. As a result, their hickory furniture is beautiful, and all pieces are environmentally friendly, American-made, and non-toxic, making it a popular choice no matter which style you choose.

Hickory Bedroom Furniture

Amish Furniture Creations is a family-owned and operated furniture store in Mesa, Az. We have been a proud distributor of Amish-made furniture since 1993. We also offer custom options for most of the pieces offered on our site. In addition, we provide more material options to ensure that you bring home a beautiful product that will fit your interior or exterior spaces.

Hickory Trash Can

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