Weird and Wonderful Wood

We have said it before and we will say it again, what we love most about wood is its diversity.  What does this mean you may ask?  Wood is one of the basic elements of our world.  It is used for anything from furniture, to infrastructures, to art, to kitchen supplies.  If you look around the room you are in right now, it would be quite rare to find a space that doesn’t incorporate this material in some way.

The versatility of wood reaches around the world and can sustain communities and delight our senses.  At Oak for Less, we have fully immersed ourselves in finding wood furniture that brings joy to our company and to our customers.  And along our journeys we have seen some interesting uses of wood.  Although Oak for Less does not carry any of the following pieces, we thought you might enjoy seeing the innovative, inspiring, and sometimes strange ways that creatives have found to use wood in various ways.

Dinner Awaits

This table could certainly be set for a king.  What a wonderful way to showcase the wood source by incorporating the entire tree (or half of it) for display and functionality.  The perspective is breathtaking, and we can just imagine sipping wine and enjoying a feast on this beauty.

Spilled Milk

Wood has been used for art since the beginning of man.  We love how these side tables are simple and functional yet introduce an element of surprise.  The complementary colors are rich, and these pieces are sure to make a statement in any space.

Work Balance

We often hear about how people strive to find a balance between their work life and home life.  Our philosophy is that if you love what you do it is easier to achieve this.  One way to work towards that is to create a comfortable work environment.  No one said it has to be boring or stiff.  This is a beautiful and unique way to be excited to work every day.

Pull Up a Seat

We spend a lot of time in our lives sitting.  This can seem like a dull and mundane part of our day…unless you have something as interesting as this to rest on.  A common misconception of wood furniture is that it is hard and uncomfortable, but with the right craftsmanship the contours can work perfectly with the body.  This piece may be more for viewing pleasure but we would love to test it out.

Wood can be an underestimated material.  Because it is so prevalent in our lives, we sometimes forget the uniqueness and beauty that can be created from it.  Nothing makes us happier than when art fuses with function.  We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the wonderful possibilities of wood.