2020 NIWA Furniture Expo

One of the biggest furniture expos of the year (and one we make sure to attend) is the Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association (NIWA) has been rescheduled and Oak for Less will be there!

Here are some of the details :

Expo Dates:
Monday, June 1, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday, June 2, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Expo Location:
The Michiana Event Center
455 E. Farver
Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

Find out more information via the expo website here.

Some of the pieces we will be looking at this year can be viewed in the NIWA 2020 Buyer’s Guide featured in Furniture World Magazine PDF here.

NIWA Expo is an important event for Oak for Less to attend so we can connect with the builders, finishers, and shippers within the NIWA as these are where we purchase the beautiful hand-crafted pieces, we sell to you, our customer. The mission and values of the NIWA mirror our own in that Oak for Less provides value to our customers through our honest, personable service and heirloom-quality products.

About the NIWA

NIWA Mission: The Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association (NIWA) is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovative design in woodcrafting. We provide value to our customers through our honest, personable service and heirloom-quality products. Members are committed to teamwork among themselves and with patrons.

Our Values:

  • Creative Craftsmanship: As builders, we think outside the box about design and insist on top-quality construction.
  • Customer Relationships: We work to develop and sustain relationships with customers from order to delivery.
  • Shared Beliefs: As members of the Old Order Amish faith, we are family oriented, trustworthy, compassionate, and supportive of one another and our customers.

The Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association (NIWA) welcomes you to a world of Amish crafted furniture designed to be friendly and long lasting. These heirloom pieces will be in your family for generations just as the tradition of building has been in the families of the NIWA. Over 90 furniture and specialty builders make up the membership of this association. It is our hope that we become the first choice of all wholesalers from all over North America.

The journey of strong, sturdy sourced wood to American-made and crafted furniture is a testament of dedication and innovation. Each piece is unique. Each result is art.

We are furniture artisans and craftsman dedicated to building and delivering locally made, beautiful and unique furniture and accessories for generations of enjoyment.

Healthy, strong hardwood is sourced from right here in the Midwest – preserving the character of the wood and providing confidence in the furniture building process. The wood is inspected for quality and the grain of each cut provides beautiful, one-of-a-kind character.

The controlled kiln-dried process allows for the precise determination of moisture. The right drying schedule is matched to the wood species, so that the hardwood maintains its optimum quality.

Look carefully and you'll find formed, fitted, and joined pieces for strength that lasts. We use traditional hand tools, each with a specific function – and modern precision cutters, saws, and equipment – for just-in-time, well-made heirloom furniture. And in our local assembly shops, these tools are at the ready. Whether it’s a generation-tested wood plane, or modern, laser-guided CNC routers. The result is confidence.

Finishing is done locally by skilled specialists versed in the trade. They carefully sand, buff, and polish for a soft, smooth finish. A wide range of options, tints and hues are beautifully applied in the staining, bringing out stunning grain patterns and the furniture's true face.

Local shipping specialists and logistics coordination ensures that orders are received on time and where needed. The burden of planning – all in an efficient and cost-effective manner – is assumed by our professionals. This means you can focus on your needs and not worry about coordination, paperwork and calls for delivery.

  • NIWA Furniture Builders - The Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association is an organization made up of over 90 Amish craftsmen that sell wholesale furniture to retail dealers across the United States and Canada. Find the list of furniture builders here.
  • Furniture Finishing – Find a list of Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association members who specialize in finishing here.

We look forward to sharing with you in the upcoming year some of our newest finds as a result of this expo. Be sure to check back at our website or visit our store.