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Purchase Terms and Conditions:

These are the Terms and Conditions for purchases on oakforless.com (the "Web Site"). For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Oak For Less®” refers to the company, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and successors, and “Customer” refers to the buyer of the merchandise. In all cases, this statement of store sales policy supersedes any verbal representation made by any person on behalf of this company. You agree that you have read and understand, and will abide by these Terms and Conditions when completing a purchase/order on the Web Site. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice. Please check back to stay updated with our current Terms and Conditions.


Prior to ordering or purchasing a piece of furniture, the Customer must take into account the item’s specifications and make the determination whether the furniture will fit through their doorways, work in a particular room, and be suitable for their needs. Oak For Less® accepts no responsibility for the variations in Customers’ door sizes, stairway sizes, carpet level, mattress size, floor unevenness, overloading of bookcases or other furniture pieces, cleaning solutions used, humidity level, etc. that occur with individual Customers’ homes/offices/locations.

Oak For Less ® takes care to ensure that products offered on our Web Site are available to order, but in some instances, items may be discontinued without notice or out of stock temporarily. Our stores will have certain items featured on our Web Site, but to keep our prices low, we do not maintain a warehouse, and due to the nature of orders being customizable with sizes, styles, and finishes, not all items will be available to see at our stores. We have shipped to most of the continental US, including Alaska and Hawaii but due to changes in availability with shipping/delivery companies, each furniture order is taken on a case by case basis for feasibility of shipping.

We reserve the right to refuse any orders, at our own discretion, if they appear to be made by resellers and also limit or cancel significant quantities that are ordered per person or household. When an order is placed online, the Customer become financially responsible for the purchase and payment for the product. The total order amount, including tax and any delivery charge will be charged in full to the credit card given at the time of the order placement.

Production/Shipping Times:

At Oak For Less® furniture, we offer furniture products from many different builders. Some are right here in Phoenix, while others are in California, Wisconsin, Indiana, or Illinois. We also offer other select items that are imported from countries like Indonesia or Mexico. As a result, production times vary, so we give an estimated range, based on current conditions. This is an ESTIMATE, it is NOT EXACT. Items may arrive early or unexpected delays can occur with builders and/or shippers. These situations are beyond our control. By placing an order, the customer agrees that they understand the production time is only an estimate. When the order is ready for Pick Up or Delivery, we will give you a call to schedule it.

Please CLICK HERE to see our current estimated production times.

Product Information and Pricing:

We make great effort to maintain accurate pricing, as well as item information such as features, dimensions, finish choices and availability. Builders may change product availability, pricing, dimensions, features, or finish choices without notice, but we do our best to keep the Web Site information accurate. In the event that an error occurs, we reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and update information. Prices quoted are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct pricing or cancel any order at any time, if the Web Site information was not accurate, including after orders have been submitted and a credit card charged. In the case of a cancellation by us, Oak For Less ® will issue a credit in the amount of the charge. Any accessories pictured with a product are props and not included.

Finish Choices:

Each of our builders has different finish choices available for their items. Also, finish names can vary.  One builder's Mission finish is not the same as another's - one may be darker, or redder, or even have an orangey tint, and each batch of stain may have slight differences as well. Each piece of furniture made in the same finish by the same builder will have a finish that varies slightly from piece to piece because each piece of wood accepts the stain differently.  No two will be perfectly identical. In addition, builders use different names for finishes...for example, a light oak finish can be: "honey", "light", "golden", and even "medium". These all may describe a similar finish, but they are named differently by each builder. And not all builders offer similar finishes. To match a finish as close as possible, a drawer or shelf from an existing piece should be brought in to the store as a comparison to existing finish examples. Even then, what you see in our showrooms as examples from the builders may vary because every piece of wood takes the stain differently and manufacturer batches of stain can vary in formula. There can be no guarantee of exactly the same finish from piece to piece, but we do our best to get as close as possible. On the Web Site, we make every effort to use pictures of finish colors that are as accurate as possible, but users of the Web Site must understand that every computer monitor or screen will display the finish colors a little differently, therefore, if the Customer is concerned about the accuracy of the finish, we recommend that they come in to our store to see a physical example of a finish before placing their order.

We have a sample of most finishes at the store.  We do not have finish samples to take home or mail.

Wood Furniture:

Oak For Less ® offers many different types of wood furniture. Some items are solid wood while others use solid wood along with thinly sliced wood veneers over plywood or wood veneers over MDF (medium density fiberboard) or particle board. We are known for our oak furniture but also offer different woods like cherry, brown maple, elm, alder, walnut, or Asian hardwoods (such as rubberwood or mindi wood). Builders offer dining chairs in solid wood as well as certain dining tables.  Most desks, entertainment centers, hutches and buffets, and bookcases will have solid oak doors, drawer fronts, and trim, but the large, flat areas will be oak veneer over a substrate, such as plywood, MDF, or particle board. Substrates vary by builder and are often used to provide stability where a single solid piece of wood may have a tendency to warp or split. Some builders offer items constructed with a substrate of MDF. MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. It is superior to particle board because it is made with wood fibers compressed together with adhesive, not large particles as found in particle board. MDF is therefore much denser and much stronger than particle board, and resists warping. MDF products usually offer a savings in cost compared to solid wood.



Wood is a product of nature; therefore each piece of wood has its own unique set of physical characteristics in appearance (color, grain patterns, mineral streaks, insect markings, knots, ray flakes, pitch pockets, porosity, tiny holes/dents etc.). As a result, each piece of wood will react differently to the various stains and lacquers used by manufacturers. Stains used by manufacturers can also vary from production to production. For these reasons, Oak For Less® can not make a promise of the identical finish from piece to piece. No two pieces of wood furniture will be exactly the same. Occasionally, wood may also have small retouch marks under the lacquer that occurred during manufacture; these are not quality defects. Also, because it is natural, wood may change color with age and principally with solid wood, there is the possibility of splits, cracks, or warping as it expands and contracts depending upon humidity changes. Fine hairline cracks are part of the normal aging process of wood and are not considered defects.


Veneers are thin slices of wood, bonded to a substrate of plywood or engineered wood, such as MDF, or particle board. This showcases the grain of the wood, but also provides stability where a single solid piece of wood might warp. Just as in solid wood, each piece of veneer has its own unique appearance. Veneer may be also used in decorative work such as inlays.


Lightly pitted areas, tiny air bubbles, surface waviness, or minor scratches may occur naturally during the manufacture of glass. These are not considered manufacturer defects.


Variations in fabric occur naturally during manufacturing, and due to nature, each piece of leather is distinctive and therefore, each piece accepts finish processes differently and will turn out unique. Variations between pieces of leather or pieces of fabric are not considered manufacturer quality defects. Oak For Less® does not warrant the wearability or colorfastness of fabrics used by manufacturers. Application of fabric protection sprays or liquids is done at the Customer's sole risk and responsibility.  Also note - dark, rich dyes especially those used particularly in jeans/denim can have a lasting effect on light colored upholstered furniture, so due to the fact that we have no control over what the fabrics (even Performance fabrics like stain-resistant Crypton) are exposed to, we cannot warranty the fabric/leathers against staining from dark, rich dyes (Crypton also notes this on their website HERE).

Skids/Casters and Excess Stain or Sawdust:

Unless the piece of furniture is purposely made with casters as part of its design and function, Oak For Less® recommends removing the casters to maintain the stability of the furniture and Customer safety. Due to the manufacturing process, furniture items may have skids on the bottom, or retain excess stain or small amounts of sawdust. It is the responsibility of the Customer to remove skids and make sure the bottom of the furniture is clean prior to its placement. Oak For Less® assumes no liability for damage or injury due to Customer’s failure to remove casters, skids, excess stain, or sawdust.

Clearance Items & Last Ones:

Clearance items are "as is" and are offered at deep discounts below our already discounted prices. Some may even be sold at or below our cost. Most Last One items are unique in that the manufacturer has discontinued that style or finish and we are unable to order more. Therefore, all sales are final/no returns on Clearance and Last One items.


Depending upon the manufacturer, some furniture items come fully assembled, while others have some assembly required. Assembly requirements may change without notice. Usually any assembly is light, such as attaching legs to a table or putting shelves in place. Some chairs come assembled, while others are sold ready to assemble; it just depends on the manufacturer. All TV consoles, desks, and most bookcases come in one piece, with placement of any adjustable shelves or attachment of handles as the only assembly.

Care & Use:

Once a piece of furniture leaves our store, Oak For Less® has no control over the environment the furniture is placed in, nor the way in which the furniture is used. Solid wood and wood veneer furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight, nor should they be subject to areas of high or very low humidity. Exposure to strong sunlight though a window can fade or alter the finish color. No furniture should come into contact with standing liquids, therefore liquid spills should be wiped up immediately. Do not place hot items or plastics directly on the furniture as the finish could be damaged. Plastic tablecloths, placemats, coasters, trivet feet, etc. should not be used on top of the wood furniture since the varnish can react with plastics and damage the furniture surface. Only use cloth for tablecloths, placemats, coasters, and felt for the feet of trivets, etc. We do not advise putting glass tops on top of dining tables, or other surfaces such as tv consoles, desks, etc. Although your intention would be to protect the wood surface, the wood (whether solid or veneer) needs to have air circulation. Because the wood is made of cells and fibers that expand and shrink depending on the humidity and temperature, putting a glass top on basically seals off any moisture from only the top side, so the bottom side of the wood surface can expand more than the top and create warping. Felt pads can be used to lift the glass from the wood surface and give air circulation, but even professional woodworkers cannot agree how much space is enough. That is why we advise against glass tops. Putting on a glass top is done at your own risk. Furniture oil should only be used occasionally on oil finish pieces to maintain their condition. Use of wood polish or oil is not generally recommended for lacquered/varnished pieces because the finish would prevent it from getting to the wood; it would merely lay on top of the finish, and finishes or veneers can be can be ruined depending upon their reaction to the product. Furniture should be cleaned with a damp cloth lightly moistened with water (not dripping) or a dry microfiber cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain lines. These are general instructions. Please see our page on Furniture Care for more details.


Because they are heavy pieces, the Hutches sit on Desk tops and Buffet tops by gravity. Builders do not always provide brackets to attach them together, nor do they provide wall anchors or tipping restraints. Any attaching of Hutches to Desk tops or Hutches to Buffet tops or anchoring them to a wall is the customer's own responsibility.

Furniture pieces are meant to sit evenly on a stable floor. Even with proper placement, furniture has the possibility of tipping over depending on a variety of things, from ground tremors, how drawers or cupboards are filled and opened, as well as if it is bumped, or even climbed upon. Because someone - adult, child, or even a pet - can be injured by tipping/falling furniture, the use of a tipping restraint is strongly recommended. When a tipping restraint is properly installed (we recommend mounting it to a wall stud), it can provide protection against the accidental and unexpected tipping/falling of furniture.

Please keep in mind, a tipping restraint is not a substitute for proper adult supervision nor is it a substitute for proper use of the furniture. Depending on the type of furniture, some of our builders provide tipping restraints with their furniture, some do not. Anti-tip devices are sold online and in stores for prices ranging from $5 to $25. Consumers can visit their local home improvement, electronic, or mass merchandise stores to purchase anti-tip devices. Searching online for "anti-tip strap" or "anti-tip kit" will result in a variety of purchase options. Always install the tipping restraint or anti-tip device according to the manufacturer's instructions, and double check to maker sure that the device is secure.


Pick Up:

Please note that Oak For Less® is not able to provide loading assistance every day, and many items require 2 strong people to load into a vehicle, so Customers MUST bring help when coming for a pick up. If a customer is unable to bring a second person to help load, they must call and schedule their pick up on a day when we have loading assistance available.  Upon pick up, the loading, tie-down (bungies/ropes), protective wrapping (with blankets, etc.), and transportation is the Customer's sole risk and responsibility. Sometimes a chair or box will appear small when looking at it in the store or online, but upon trying, it will not fit through a car doorway or trunk opening. So, please make sure the item will fit into your vehicle prior to arriving for pick up. When a shipment arrives, Oak For Less® will notify customers that have pick ups. Because we do not have a storage facility, pick ups must be done within 2 days of notification of arrival at Oak For Less®. Upon pick up, Customers are advised to examine their item(s) and accept them in good condition. Customers have 48 hours to examine boxed items and notify us of any damage so that we may arrange for repair or return/exchange. After 48 hours, the sale is considered final/no returns.


Why don't we offer free delivery? No matter who offers it, delivery is never free. With the time and effort it takes to load and move the furniture, plus the cost of gas, someone has to pay the delivery cost. If a store offers free delivery, they usually increase the price of their goods to make up for that cost. We have chosen to keep our furniture prices discounted for everyone, and offer delivery at a reasonable cost to just those people that ask for it.

Delivery is available if the Customer lives within our designated delivery areas. We use experienced independent contractors to deliver our furniture, and delivery charges are based upon your location. Extra charges apply for going up stairs or for extra heavy or bulky items. Set up and assembly are not included in the basic delivery charge and are payable as separate charges if the Customer would like that service. Set up and assembly may not be available for all deliveries. We will notify Customers of any delivery concerns prior to the delivery. All balances must be paid in full before a delivery is scheduled. Due to insurance and safety reasons, delivery drivers cannot accept CODs.

Delivery contractors do their best to be careful when delivering furniture, but in the event damage occurs to walls, flooring, etc. the Customer will take up any issues solely with the independent contractor. Customers are always advised to make sure the bottom of their furniture is clean before allowing placement in their home.

Customers are also welcome to arrange for their own delivery service, if they prefer. Customers must have the room ready for the delivery when it is scheduled – if the contractor has to move existing furniture, they may charge extra. Customers are asked to inspect items and accept them in good condition. Any issues with damage must be addressed within 2 days of delivery so that we may arrange for repair, or return/exchange. Customers must retain any original packaging if the item is to be returned/exchange due to damage or a defect.  Oak For Less® will determine whether the issue requires repair or return/exchange. Manufacturers will not accept a return or exchange without the original packaging. After 48 hours, the sale is considered final/no returns.


Items that were shipped blanket-wrapped for pick-up at our stores are always inspected for damage. We sell very few Items that are boxed by the manufacturer, but those items are inspected at the manufacturer prior to being placed in the carton. Please keep the original box and packing materials for your item until you determine it is undamaged. The original box and packing are required for any exchange. The Customer has 48 hours from pick-up or delivery to inform Oak For Less® of any damage (delivery-caused or manufacturer-defect) so that we may arrange for repair or exchange with the manufacturer. If there is damage noted, it is covered under our Warranty - but if the item was picked up by the customer, it is the responsibility of the Customer to transport items to the store for any repairs or return/exchange. Once the item is received, Oak For Less® will determine whether the issue requires repair or return/exchange. After 48 hours, the sale is considered final/no returns.


Please CLICK HERE to see our Cancelation Policy.


Please CLICK HERE to see our Returns Policy.


Oak For Less ® warrants the furniture against manufacturer defects from ONE YEAR from date of invoice. "Defect" as used in this warranty refers to any material or workmanship imperfections which impair the use of the product. Warranty covers manufacturing defects in construction and does not cover the finish for wear since there is no reasonable way to know how the surface has been used and cared for. Warranty does not cover floor samples and does not cover items sold in “as is” condition, such as Clearance or Last One items. Warranty does not include commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential use. Warranty shall not extend to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, overloading, pets, accidents, fire, flood, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, or acts of God. Alteration of the furniture by the Customer will void any Warranty. Warranty does not cover burnt out light bulbs, misplaced shelf pins, or damages incurred during the Customer’s transportation of the product. If it was boxed by the manufacturer, the furniture must be returned with all of the original packaging in place in order to receive a return/exchange with that manufacturer. Warranty is valid for original Customer on invoice and is non-transferable. Warranty is not valid if merchandise has been moved from original delivery address. Oak For Less ® will determine whether the warranty issue requires repair or return/exchange. Under this warranty, it is the responsibility of the Customer to transport items to the store for any repairs or return/exchange. In-home service may be available for an additional charge. We provide no other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. Manufacturers may have extended warranties of their own.


This Web Site's content (whether text or image) is property of Oak For Less® and manufacturer photos are property of their respective manufacturers. No part of this Web Site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written consent of Oak For Less®. Oak For Less® tradename and logo are trademarks of Millan Enterprises, LLC. Every effort is made to keep our Web Site up and running smoothly, however in no event will we be responsible for the Web Site being unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control, or any loss or damage arising in connection with the use of this Web Site.


Furniture not made for commercial use. Common sense is advised in the care and use of the furniture. Oak For Less ® shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages that arise from the purchase of the furniture, nor for any injury or damage that may result from misuse or alteration of the furniture.