5 Interesting Furniture Finds

Furniture serves a functional purpose, but when we think about what it really means to us, there can be a whole host of feelings and emotions that emerge. Maybe a piece has sentimental value and has been passed down from generation to generation.  Maybe you still have the first new piece of furniture that you ever bought.  Or perhaps you cherish an artistic piece that makes a statement.

Whatever your reasons for loving furniture, our lives would look a whole lot different without it. One of the most amazing things about this industry is how it is always evolving and changing.  Styles change, and then sometimes circle back decades later.  What we love is the innovation.  It is important sometimes to take a minute to stop and explore the cool, the weird, and the interesting.

The Multi-Functional Panama Banana

A beach hammock and a soccer goal!


Playing with Geometry

Who said cushions have to be square?



Hard as a Rock

Prehistoric lounging at its best.


Purrfect Comfort

At least there are fewer vet bills with this cat.


Worth Every Penny

Or is it? At $29,000, maybe not.