A Little TLC for Your Wood Furniture

A Little TLC for Your Wood Furniture

Recently, we have spent some time exploring different concepts and styles in design and décor.  Now it is time to take a minute for something that is near and dear to our hearts – wood. This element is so prevalent in our daily lives that it is easy to take it for granted.

When I think of wood, the words sturdy and trustworthy come to mind.  I know that if I choose a piece constructed out of this material, that I am most likely acquiring a quality item with longevity.  Those are things that are important to me when it comes to furniture, and I am willing to invest my time and money so that I know that what I purchase will have lasting power.

But as with anything that we commit to loving, we must put in the effort to maintain its essence and beauty.  Many people may be deterred from buying wood products because they are intimidated by the upkeep.  This post will provide some key tips to caring for your wood furniture, and hopefully will equip you with knowledge that will ease your mind, and enable you to make an informed decision on what works best for your home.


It is rare to find people who love to dust, but it is a critical step in the care of wood furniture.  Over time, dust collects, and the build-up can create a filmy layer.  If you are not careful, these deposits can actually scratch the surface of your furniture.  A clean, soft cloth should do the trick.  But sometimes I feel like when I am dusting, I ultimately just swirl the dust around, creating a tornado that eventually settles back in its place.  For this reason, I like to slightly dampen the cloth to better collect all of the dust in order for the furniture to stay cleaner longer.  Just a little warm water will work.  Make sure you never use all-purpose cleaner, this is much too harsh and can damage the wood.  Test the area with just a little dish-washing liquid for a deeper clean.  Never saturate the wood and always wipe dry.


It is probably not necessary to polish your wood furniture more than every six months, but it is important to do it periodically to maintain the luster and shine.  It is recommended to use a polish that does not contain silicone.  Although silicone creates a great shine, it can seep into the finish and the wood.  When polishing, always rub in the direction of the grain.

Tips to preserving your wood furniture:

  • Avoid arranging furniture where it is in direct sunlight.
  • Do not place furniture on air vents or near any equipment or units that have fluctuating or extreme temperatures.
  • Do not place furniture directly under windows.
  • When moving furniture, or objects on top of furniture, always lift as opposed to dragging.
  • Always provide a protective layer between any objects and the surface of the furniture (felt is a great barrier).

Furniture may seem like a common essential in our lives, but for anyone who has been on the search for new furnishings, or inherited some along the way, we know how important it is to choose pieces that will be beloved for years to come.  Wood is durable, but it needs love too.  By applying a few practices and principles to the care of your wood furniture, you should be able to enjoy these items for a lifetime.