A Walk On The Wild Side

In today’s world of fast-paced technology and information overload, it can be hard to keep track of evolving trends and styles.  This can make decorating and furnishing your home an arduous task.  What is “hot” one moment may be “not” the next.

But who says that you must conform to current trends?  I say throw caution to the wind.  If lasting power of style is unstable, then why not create your own path and think outside of the box.  If you have an eclectic eye, then embrace a more eccentric home design. 

There are plenty of ways to make a statement, and today we will be sharing some exotic, intriguing, and even weird, pieces.  We hope you have as much fun as we did exploring a wilder side of home décor and furnishing.

Power of Books

If you are a book worm and avid reader this could be the perfect accent to a reading nook, library, den, bedroom, or even living space.  It is the perfect size to rest your book of the month and a beverage to enjoy.

Light up with Love

Don’t let the neon scare you.  This lighting piece is full of whimsy and character.  It can be a great addition to an outdoor space or a conversation starter for your living room.

Unconventional Waterfall Edge


Waterfall edge is certainly a buzz term in the design world, but it can be utilized in unique ways.  Many of us have a wall or corner in our home that is just screaming to be filled.  This console table offers an interesting design without venturing too far into the bizarre.

Animal Fever

Nothing spices up home décor like an animal motif.  We love the simplicity of this side table that hints at a safari feel without going overboard.  This would be a great piece for a nursery or an everyday space.

Fluff it Up

This armchair is a show stopper.  With a modern aesthetic, but a soft edge, it is the perfect accent to a bedroom or living room.  Adding texture can create depth and the sheepskin fabric adds luxury and sophistication.

It can often be overwhelming when we contemplate decorating our homes.  This space is a reflection of ourselves and not only do you want to be comfortable, you may want to define your style. Don’t worry if traditional is more your style, a strategically placed item can still spice it up a bit.  We hope you got some inspiration from these pieces.  The world is a wild place, don’t be afraid to bring it inside.