Cedar Chests

The weather is cooling off now.  How about thinking of a Cedar Chest?  They make an ideal storage space for bulky bedding or winter clothing and the Cedar lining is a natural bug repellant.  Cedar has a nice smell that can always be refreshed with a very light sanding.  Your bedding or clothing will always smell nice and fresh when you store it in a Cedar Chest.

The featured Cedar Chests comes in two different colors of Oak.  The Muscovado Dark Oak finish is pictured above and the Medium Woodland Oak finish is pictured below.  These Cedar Chests are good size with plenty of storage space.  The exterior measurements are 50 W X 20 D X 23 1/2 H.  The interior space has 7.3 cubic feet of usable storage space.

They are made in the USA by Furniture Traditions.