Celebrating the Wonders of Our Planet

A full solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime experience. It is awe inspiring and reveals the complex power of nature and the extraordinary reaches beyond our small planet.  These types of occurrences can make us pause and look at the world around us, and this is a really important thing.

It is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget to appreciate what our amazing planet provides for us. We are surrounded by things, and unfortunately many of these things are made using unethical practices or harsh chemicals and materials.  It is our responsibility to research our purchases in order to protect ourselves and our planet.

So, in honor of this monumental eclipse day, we will explore a few principles that may help you make a more socially and environmentally sound decision when it comes to your furniture.

Green Furniture

It is not always easy to determine how a piece of furniture was built or where the materials were sourced from. Many times, we unknowingly buy furniture that may have contributed to polluting the environment.  Today there are many companies that are striving to produce green furniture that is made from eco-friendly materials and constructed in a way that minimally impacts the environment.  Buying used furniture is considered a green practice, but so also is buying furniture that is made from recycled materials.  There is also the option to buy natural furniture made from renewable resources that do not harm habitats such as bamboo, hemp, and certain types of wood.

Sustainable Furniture

Another buzz term that you may hear when it comes to ethical furniture is sustainability. This type of furniture really focuses on the materials being used in the construction process.  To consider a piece sustainable you must also evaluate the entire manufacturing process as well as the transportation techniques for moving and importing the furniture.  Carbon emissions and community safety are important factors to consider.  Sustainability also refers to usefulness and durability of the product.  Once the item has served its purpose, a sustainable piece will not decompose in a landfill spreading pollutants.

Tiny Living

Eco-friendly furniture is a means of reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our resources. The tiny living movement has gained traction over the past decade as individuals and families trend from frivolous mansions to streamlined smaller spaces.  These dwellings are all about increasing functionality and ridding our lives of excess materials.  Some people choose to live with a minimalist approach, only using space and furniture that is truly utilized in our daily lives.  This is certainly not ideal for everyone and can come with some significant draw backs, but if you are feeling it necessary to purge and downsize, there are some extremely creative and even luxurious options for tiny living.

Of course, we all want to appreciate and preserve our natural surroundings for ourselves, and for future generations, but sometimes it is hard to find ways of doing this in our daily lives. When it comes to furniture and decorating, you don’t always have to sacrifice quality to support these practices.  In fact, when seeking green and sustainable furniture you may just be surprised by the unique look, feel, and durability of the products.  Happy solar eclipse day!