Cherry Wood: Natural Strength

When it comes to choosing materials for your furniture, it is important to know what qualities will most influence your purchasing choices.  Are you on a tight budget?  Do you want something that will last for generations?  Do you want a modern aesthetic or more traditional?  Are you the kind of shopper that knows what they want, or do you wait to see what speaks to you in the moment?

So many questions!  We know that this can be a big decision and our hope is to make this process a little easier for you.  We have spent the past couple of weeks talking about different types of wood.  Simply put…we love wood furniture.  And this week we want to look even closer at a wood material that is one of our favorites: cherry wood.  Let’s jump right into the qualities that make this material so special.

Where does cherry wood come from?

Cherry is a hardwood that grows mostly in the Midwest and Northeast U.S.  It has long been a popular choice by manufacturers and artisans because of its color, durability, and accessibility. The American Black Cherry fruit tree is largely harvested from the Pennsylvania and New York regions.

What color is cherry wood?

The word cherry brings to mind different tones of red, and this can certainly be applied to the color of cherry wood.  The most common hue is a reddish-brown color, but the variations can be wide.  In fact, something to keep in mind when choosing this material is that cherry wood changes over time.  When it is first harvested it has more of a golden tone and darkens with exposure to light. Cherry has a smooth, fine grain, typically cut from the heartwood.

How durable is furniture made from cherry wood?

Cherry wood has remained a sought-after material by furniture makers and by consumers because it creates superior quality furniture.  It takes stain, nails, and glue well and is easily worked by machines.  The texture and density are optimal for creating durable and long-lasting furniture pieces.

What type of furniture is constructed from cherry wood?

Cherry wood has many uses, including furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and even musical instruments.  Oak for Less is proud to offer an array of beautiful pieces that showcase this rich material.  From tables, to dressers, to bed frames, you are sure to find the perfect cherry wood furniture for any room in your house.







We are sure that you have heard of cherry wood before, and that is because it is a great choice for furniture.  Some might say it is timeless.  We love that it can evoke a deep sense of natural beauty and be used in traditional ways, yet still be incorporated into sleek modern settings as well.  If rich color and durability is what you seek in furniture, then cherry wood has your name all over it.