Creating a Family Friendly Space

Creating a Family Friendly Space

Coming off of Mother’s Day weekend, we definitely have the warm and fuzzies with family on our mind. Nothing says home like a kitchen filled with home cooked smells and laughter (with a few occasional yells) bouncing off the walls and spilling into the yard.  But no matter what size your house is, kids and family can easily fill the space to the brim, sometimes leaving the environment feeling a little claustrophobic and cluttered.

Not to worry, there a few tricks and techniques that can restore order to your home, yet enable you to keep the cozy love-filled ambiance that makes your house a home.

Minimize Bulky Furniture

It can be tempting when you are furniture shopping to sit on the oversized comfy couches and picture yourself cozied up on a rainy day watching movies, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making these big purchases. Evaluate the space you have and what you use it for most.  Many times, big pieces of furniture look smaller in showrooms, and then once you get them into the house they take up way more room than you expected.

Be sure to measure all dimensions before shopping. Think about different layouts for the room as options for making it feel bigger and more open.  When it comes to furniture, there are many style options that fit different budgets.  If you have small kids that like to explore and play on the floor area, perhaps a smaller couch and end tables might be better suited for your needs.

Maximize Storage

One thing that will always be true when it comes to children is the amount of stuff that comes with them. It seems like every time they grow out of one thing they find five more things to replace it.  The challenge becomes where to put all those toys and accessories.  This is when it becomes pertinent to utilize space efficiently.  If you can find furniture that doubles as storage this is a definite plus.  Coffee tables with built in shelving or storage benches are great options to keep the desired design for the space, but increase functionality.


When you have a house filled with people and kids of all shapes and sizes, it becomes extremely important to decorate with safety in mind. Padding is always better, and wood with rounded or soft edges will decrease the likelihood of an accident that may lead to tears, or worse.  Ottomans are a wonderful choice for added cushion, and also create a warm and cozy feel to the space.

As styles and trends change over time, so also do your needs. If your family is growing and expanding you might have to reevaluate your furniture and design decisions.  There are many budget friendly choices you can make that will accommodate your family without sacrificing taste.