Creating a Space for Entertaining

The comforts of home include a place to sleep, a haven for relaxation, and a place to escape the busy world that we live in. Many of us love to invite our friends and family into our sanctuary for dinners, parties, and entertaining.  This can be tricky if you have a small space, or if you lack the inspiration to step up your design game and wow your visitors.

So, how do we achieve those beautiful entertaining spaces that we see in magazines and on blogs? How do we create a warm and inviting environment so our guests are comfortable and regaled?  The following tips will lead you toward your goal of being the host you always dreamed of.


The first step is to evaluate what you have to work with. This also involves making a plan for what type of hosting you plan on doing.  Do you envision intimate affairs or large soirees?  If your answer is both, it will be most important to design a space that can accommodate the needs of large parties, but still provide a cozy atmosphere for smaller events.  If you have a formal dining area this is a great place to start.  Consider what style you are going for and purchase a table that can be converted depending on the number of guests.  If you have a family room or a sun room, furnish these spaces with a variety of seating options that will suit different ages.


While we are on the topic of seating, this is an extremely important design decision. Quality and comfort are both aspects that you will want to think about.  If you are more concerned with style, there are plenty of modern furniture designs that can serve as statement pieces.  If you have a large family that likes to congregate at your house, maybe small, stackable, or foldable will suit your needs.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  You could go for a Bohemian vibe with colorful cushions that are easily stored or rearranged.

Set the Mood

Whether it is a daytime event or an evening dinner, you will want to set the tone. This can be achieved with lighting and decorations.  Think about how much natural light the space gets and plan accordingly.  Vary high lighting and low lighting, and consider a dimmer switch so you can alternate.  String lights might be an option for outdoor events and can even be an unexpected technique for indoors as well.  When it comes to decorations it is always helpful to have a color scheme.  Do you want vibrant and bright, or clean and formal?  Using items that you already have will show your guests your defined style.

If you are feeling stumped and have an event looming in the near future, visit blogs and sites that coincide with your style.  Any space can be converted to an entertaining masterpiece with the right resources and inspiration.  Remember that you are more critical than any of your guests will most likely be.  With a little bit of planning, your event is sure to be a success.  Have fun!