Designing with Kids

It is a well-known fact that having kids completely changes your life…every single aspect of your life. Starting a family is one of the most exciting, terrifying, and fulfilling adventures.  But just because your reality gets turned upside down, doesn’t mean your house should as well.

There are some obvious adjustments that must be done when you introduce a child into your home. Sometimes your beloved belongings just aren’t practical for the little ones that tend to seek out every sharp and dangerous object within a ten-mile radius.  And inevitably, there will be some serious wear and tear on your everyday furniture.

If you already have children, or are expecting an addition in the future, here are a few things to consider when it comes to your home décor and design.


This is always the number one concern when it comes to children. Baby proofing is a term that is thrown around often, and even when you think your house is safer than a padded room, there will always be something you never even imagined your child would be interested in.  Obviously, covering electrical sockets and securing cabinets are the first step in the process, but it is worthwhile to evaluate all of your existing furniture and assess for possible hazards.  A good rule of thumb, any hard surfaces and pointy edges are a potential for bumps and tears.  One of the first changes I made as soon as my little one was on the move was to replace my heavy glass top coffee table with a cushioned ottoman.  I actually felt that it gave the space a cozier feel (and it can even double as a changing table when in a pinch).  Moving lamps out of arm’s reach is also advised.  It is amazing how quick a kid can grab anything and everything.


One of the best things about replacing that coffee table with an ottoman is that it opens up and adds storage. And as any parent knows, storage is a rare commodity when kids are involved.  Kids come with stuff, and a lot of it.  All of these toys and gadgets can quickly overwhelm your house, swallowing up every square foot of floor space that you have.  There are some great solutions to this issue.  Benches and unique shelving options can add a decorative flare, and also double as an organizational hack.


Having kids is a privilege but it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice to your home. In fact, it can actually be an advantage that inspires you to make some changes that you have been thinking of for a while.  Is your couch too big for the space?  Are your end tables outdated?  Are you sick of the artwork on your walls?  Now might be the best time to switch things up.  If you replace the couch, make sure to choose a durable fabric and design that can hold up to the destructive tendencies of these amazing little creatures.  Maybe a minimalist design with fewer tables will open up the space.  Replacing wall coverings with framed pictures of family or artwork created by your kids can add a personal touch.

There are many phases in life, and many times it is necessary for our homes to experience changes to meet these phases. That doesn’t mean our design visions must fall by the wayside.  These days there are so many options when it comes to home décor that safety and function are easy to achieve while maintaining our desired aesthetic.