Designs for the Little Ones

We love to explore the different ways to spice up your home with furniture and décor.  This can be achieved in so many ways.  Some love the adventure of finding hidden treasures, while others may enjoy the point and click method.  There is no wrong way to approach designing your home.

No matter if you are renting or building from scratch, we know the tremendous amount of work that goes into making your space comfortable and a reflection of your style. Being able to catch a glimpse into homeowner’s lives and the design decisions they make is what we live for.  And nothing makes us happier than the whimsical, crafty, and playful touches that go into the design of a children’s room or nursery.

The term “nesting” refers to that special time in a parent’s life when they feel this overwhelming urge to create a warm and safe place for the upcoming arrival of their little one.  Brilliant ideas are born during this time, and we love every second of it.  From paint colors, to animal prints, to soft textures, the following nursery transformations are sure to put a smile on your face.

Finding the Perfect Crib

The newest member of the family is going to be spending a lot of time sleeping and it is important to find a crib that will be comfortable, functional, and fit the space.  The crib also becomes the focal point for many rooms, and there is no reason to sacrifice your style.  We love how this space showcases a unique wooden crib and incorporates modern features in a light and airy atmosphere.

Tight Spaces

Finding room for your new addition can be much harder than you may think.  Babies come with a lot of stuff and not every house or apartment is built with this in mind.  Often, we have to get creative to maximize space.  This New York residence transformed an office space into a sleek nursery with ample amounts of storage.  Using neutral and light colors kept from adding a cluttered feeling to the room.

Be Bold

In theory, pristine clean lines and lighter colors may be the aesthetic that you wish, but this is not always practical when it comes to kids.  Kids are messy.  Using bright colored furniture can mask any stains that might be heading your way.  The bold colors can be good sensory tools for your developing child and can also be a statement of your style.

Artistic Expression

An exciting part of tackling a nursery design, is the possibility of showcasing a piece of art that you love or that has sentimental value.  Oversized art or intricate trinkets can easily be incorporated into the space with an artistic eye.  Mixing colors and textures adds depth and excitement.

 There is nothing like the feeling of bringing home a new member of the family, and it can be such fun creating the perfect place for your baby to call home.  There are certainly ways to do this on a budget.  Remember to look for affordable used furniture.  Have fun, be creative, and enjoy every moment.