DIY Roundup

Have you ever heard of a Pinterest fail?  Not only have I heard of this phenomenon, but I have experienced this first hand, in all its glory.  A Pinterest fail is when you find the oh so perfect, cute, and creative project online, and in your head, it seems like it is going to be easy as pie to replicate.  But after giving it a go, your final product looks nothing like the tutorial.  Instead, it looks like your 4-year-old went wild in the craft store.

This may be a little extreme, and perhaps your experience with DIY projects has been completely different.  The beautiful thing about the internet is the endless amount of resources available for those that are interested in tackling projects on their own.  And this goes far beyond craft projects.  The days of learning from trial and error on house projects are long gone.  Now there is valuable information right at your fingertips.  The trick is finding the right source.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit that I have not completed all the following projects, but they are taken from sites that I visit regularly for inspiration and advice.  We hope that the following collection of DIY projects is helpful for all you creatives out there.  Enjoy…and good luck!

How to Build and Install a Sliding Door

In my opinion, this project is not for beginners.  Before starting any project make sure to take a look at all of the tools and materials that will be needed.  A common mistake in the DIY world is getting in over your head.  Yet, sometimes you will be amazed at how much you can learn by just diving in head first.  Always make sure to measure everything twice.  And don’t be afraid to enlist the help of friends and family.  DIY projects can also be a great bonding experience.


Batik-Pattern Stenciled Headboard

This is a project that can appeal to many and is much easier on the spectrum of difficulty.  After all, Martha Stewart is the queen of home ideas.  What we love about this project is its versatility.  If you have a headboard that is drab and boring, this is a simple way to spruce it up without shelling out a ton of money.  And if you are like me and love to scour estate sales and thrift stores, this can be a perfect way to revitalize a worn or outdated piece for a fraction of the cost.

 Give Your Bathroom Vanity a Facelift

Almost all of us have that one thing in our house that just needs a little TLC.  I see this in bathrooms all the time.  It is as if by the time the builder or designer got to the bathroom, they threw in whatever they could find.  I would say this project is medium difficulty.  It does take a little time, a little bit of sweat, but hopefully no tears.  I like this blog post because it is personable, gives some great details for the process, and I love before and after photos.

DIY projects are certainly not for everyone.  Sometimes it is easier, and more cost efficient, to hire someone to do the work for you, or purchase already finished products.  But if you are someone that likes a challenge, these projects could be a great way to try your hand at home improvements.  Find a difficulty level that you feel comfortable with, and don’t forget to have fun!