DIY Wood Halloween Decor

Halloween celebrations are just around the corner.  If you love to decorate for the seasons and holidays than this time of year is surely one of your favorites.  As fall kicks into gear, you can start dusting off your autumn décor, and then we jump right into Halloween.  After Halloween we race into Thanksgiving and Christmas…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Halloween can often be the shift from the mild days of fall to the much cooler days of the impending winter season. The crisp air and earth tones mixed with the excitement of costumes and trick or treating is a welcome change in the seasons.  And if you haven’t yet decorated for Halloween, you don’t have much time left.  Luckily, we are bringing you a few ideas that might inspire you.  Best of all, these ideas blend two of our favorite things: DIY and wood.  Get those spooky creative juices flowing and have some seasonal decorating fun.

Jack-O-Lantern Box

This is a simple project that can be constructed with just a few supplies.  If you have an old wood box laying around, then perfect.  If you don’t, try looking at thrift stores, second hand stores, or maybe even local grocery stores.  Craft stores also have a hefty supply of crates and baskets.  What we love about this is it can still be used for storage and can be used over again through the years.

Reclaimed Ghosts

This project takes very little of your precious time and is fun for all ages.  We love that it is made out of reclaimed wood that can be found pretty much anywhere.  A little chalk and imagination goes a long way.

Wood Pumpkins

Sometimes the simplest things are the most rewarding.  I love the look of pumpkins but the hassle of picking them out, decorating them, and then having to throw them out can be exhausting.  This project is a winner for easy assembly but stylish results without the mess.

Get Spooky

No one said your Halloween decorations had to be cutesy.  Part of the fun is to get scary.  This is an easy way to add some Halloween flare.  All you need is some scrap wood and some paint.  You don’t even have to worry about your lettering being perfect.  Sometimes the imperfections are what make it stand out.

We sure do love a good DIY project, and you know we love anything that has to do with wood and creative construction.  Life can get busy and hectic, but there is always time for a little fun.  We hope you can carve out some time to hunt for scrap wood and get a little spooky!