Eclectic Decorating

Many people use the eclectic style of decorating. We all have some furniture items or styles that are our favorites. One needs to remember that these pieces can be foundations that can be used with different furniture to build your eclectic style.

Eclectic style can be a mixture of different styles of furniture that are united by their unique features. According to, eclectic style is brought together within the following categories: colors, furniture, fabrics, and finishes.

Colors: Use neutral colors to start with, as these will ultimately help to bring all of your items together.

Furniture: Match the design and finish of your furniture with you room’s paint and fabrics.

Fabrics: Add colors and textures with fabrics to your starting neutral color scheme, these will build your color scheme up from its neutral base.

Finishes: Use different finishes and textures to complement one and other. The combination of materials makes the eclectic style work.

The below picture from looks very formal, but the eclectic look can work will all different styles.  It is up to you what style you like and what looks best for you and your home.  So have fun decorating and creating your own eclectic style.

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