Elm Wood: Refined Durability

Choosing furniture made from real wood has many advantages.  The craftsmanship, the unique markings, the rich color, and perhaps most importantly, the durability, are all attributes that make this material appealing.  As we have seen over the past few weeks, not all wood is created equal.  Some types of wood are better suited for affordable machine-made products, while others are ideal for hand crafted one-of-a-kind pieces.

Knowing the history and specific properties of these woods will help you identify a truly distinct purchase from a generic one.  This week we explore what makes elm wood desirable.  Oak for Less® is proud to offer a wide selection of quality wood products.  We hand pick our inventory to bring you pieces that will last a lifetime.  Take a look at a couple of our beautiful elm wood furniture pieces followed by our usual Q&A section.

Amish made elm kennebec chair seat detail - Oak For Less® Furniture


What makes elm wood unique?

Buying furniture constructed from elm wood is an investment.  Many materials try to mimic the look of elm wood but only the true material can withstand the test of time.  Elm wood grain has an interlocked pattern which makes it resistant to splitting, thus it is extremely durable.

What does elm wood look like?

Elm heartwood can range from reddish brown to light tan hues.  It is a fairly dense material and the grain can have a dramatic pattern that lends to its stunning beauty.


Is elm wood furniture affordable?

While elm wood is ideal for constructing durable furniture pieces it is now considered a rare wood to find due to the trees' susceptibility to disease, therefore elm wood furniture can often come with an increased price tag.  Oak For Less® offers a fine line of heirloom quality Amish made elm furniture that is both beautiful and affordable. 

What are some challenges that elm trees face?

Unfortunately, the crop of American elm trees was devastated during the twentieth century due to Dutch Elm Disease and has never quite recovered.  Therefore it is uncommon to find large and mature elm trees due to this massive fungal attack.

Furniture that has a story behind it is always more meaningful when added to a collection.  Having been all but destroyed by Dutch Elm Disease, it can be hard to find elm furniture.  For this reason, elm wood pieces hold a special place in our decorating portfolio.  By sourcing with the Amish, Elm is not hard to find at Oak For Less®.  We offer elm and many other hardwoods for your furniture needs.  The strength and beautiful color is what keeps us searching for this unique and remarkable wood furniture.