Finding your Design Aesthetic

Decorating your living space, whether it be your bedroom, family room, dining room, or kitchen, is much more than buying furniture. It is a reflection of your style as well as an oasis for you to come home to every day.  To some, function may be of the utmost importance, to others a theme that flows throughout the house may be your goal.  What design aesthetic do you strive for?

First of all, what is design aesthetic?

Aesthetic is related to how your brain interprets beauty. Whether we try or not, we automatically evaluate what we see based on our personal tastes.  When you combine this with interior design, the result is personal style.  Let’s look at a few interior design styles and see if any stand out for you.

Mid-Century Modern

This style has had some lasting power in popularity. Minimalism, refined lines, and unique shapes are attributes of this design.  There is often a blend of plastic and wood with vintage colors.  There is a fine line between achieving a mid-century modern look and just having dated furniture.  An easy remedy for this is to mix newer pieces with older ones.

 Mid-Century Modern


If artistic and adventurous are qualities that define your personality and style, than this may be the perfect design for your space. Layers of textures and colors can be used to create a carefree and comfortable atmosphere.  Relaxation and maybe even a purposeful mess are welcome in the bohemian home.


If you crave the rustic feel of cabins and farms, than this design aesthetic is right up your alley. A light and airy atmosphere is achieved with muted colors and a mixing of modern furniture with timeless pieces, often combined with sturdy oak furniture.

Still not sure which design fits you best? Take this HGTV Quiz to find your design style.  Your results will even match you with the perfect beverage to toast your excellent choices.  Relax, take some chances, and mix some elements.  Eventually your perfect design aesthetic will emerge.