Finding Your Style

Whether you are a homeowner, a renter, a student, a child, a parent, or anywhere in between, you have a style. Even if current trends are far off your radar, like it or not, you portray a certain distinguishable set of characteristics that make you…well you.  This doesn’t always mean the clothes you wear or the items you purchase, but the things that you surround yourself with tell a story of what makes you tick.

This concept of personal style is especially prevalent when it comes to your living space. How you design and decorate your surroundings is unique to you.  This can be a powerful tool for your personal joy and fulfilment.  Home means comfort and serenity.  A safe place in the world that is for you and only you, unless you invite others in.  Therefore, it is important to create an environment that is true to you. If you haven’t quite found what your particular style is, here you will find a few design trends that have emerged over the decades.  Maybe one will resonate with you.


I like to think of this as classic. There are just some trends that have lasting power, and some that people will always gravitate towards.  Of course, traditional can be subjective, but if that solid oak leaf table that has been passed down from your grandparents, to your parents, and then to you is one of your treasured pieces than this might be your chosen style.  These types of pieces can be timeless and are often sturdy and well made.  More muted tones and pieces larger in size typically would be considered traditional.


Obviously modern would indicate what is popular now, but this word holds a lot more meaning than that. Modern furniture of today can cast an immensely wide net.  Some may consider this to mean an artistic aesthetic, while others think of new, crisp, and clean elements.  This is not to be confused with mid-century modern, which in itself is a modern trend.  This is defined as furniture originating around the 1950’s that is more or less like a time capsule made up of contrasting materials, earth tones, and distinct lines.


Are you someone that likes to think outside of the box? Are you adventurous and bold?  If you answered yes to these questions than this category might be just the ticket for you.  Consisting of bright colors and soft lines this can be the ultimate combination of comfort and style.  Often this type of design mixes elements and materials to create a worldly atmosphere.


Over the decades there has been a shift from people desiring large amounts of space to fill with personal belongings, to a trend towards scaling down. Simple and clean are traits that minimalist designers aspire to, eliminating clutter and optimizing function.  Many who adopt this form of design also pursue means to decrease their carbon footprint and strive for sustainable practices.

These are just a few general design classifications and are by no means comprehensive. You may already have certain pieces that fit into these designs, or you may have a completely different design that is all your own.  It doesn’t matter if you fit into current trends or if your furniture is expensive. Surround yourself with things you love and you will find yourself happier in life.