Going Green

Going Green

With Earth Day just around the corner (April 22), it is a great time to reflect on our planet and explore sustainable practices when it comes to our daily lives. There are many ways that we can be stewards of the Earth, but most likely furniture purchasing isn’t the first thing that pops into your head.  Yet there are many options for conscientious buying, and you don’t always have to sacrifice beautiful products or affordable pieces.  The following tips will guide you toward a smart, ethical, and green buying process.

Reclaimed Materials

One of the most obvious, but also extremely important, steps we can take to save our planet is to save our trees. They provide the oxygen we need to survive and they are the building blocks of a sustainable ecosystem.  The wood aesthetic is a popular choice when it comes to furniture.  If your shopping leads you in that direction, consider buying items made from reclaimed wood.  This could include materials reconstructed from old pieces or sourced from sustainably harvested forests or tree farms.

Recycled Products

There are more options for furniture made from recycled plastics and metals than ever before. As production increases, so also does the quality.  While this furniture may not be as durable or long lasting, they require fewer resources during production.  And the beauty is, you can recycle it when you are done with it.

Research Toxicity Levels

Furniture made out of synthetic materials is often treated with synthetic substances. These chemicals can be released into the air you breathe and can be toxic.  Be on the lookout for flame retardants and formaldehyde, common substances used in furniture production.  Protect yourself, your kids, and your pets, and check with manufacturers before making your purchase.

Buy Used or Vintage

Furniture, as so many other things, goes through phases and stages of style. What is popular one decade, year, or day may seem undesirable the next, only to circle around to be the next best trend.  For this reason, it may be surprising the amazing finds you will discover at your local second-hand shops.  And if a vintage piece is still in great condition, it’s a testament to its quality.

Sometimes it feels discouraging when we look at environmental reports, and it seems impossible for us as an individual to make a difference. This Earth Day explore ways in which you can do your part for the betterment of yourself and our beloved planet.